Tiv Mercenaries Invades Nasarawa Communities, Killed Three By Rabiu Omaku,Lafia

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No fewer than three  persons were killed by Tiv mercenaries that invaded Giza community of Nasarawa state at the early hours of Tuesday.
This was confirmed by  the people  of Giza community when Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura paid a visit to the trouble area in company of tight security.
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while security source confided that  two persons confirmed to be Tiv militia were killed,bringing the number of death to  (5) five.
The monarch of Giza community disclosed that Tiv mercenaries launch an attack on the community at about 6:09 am Monday.

“They alert us that they will attack us while we are observing our sub’r prayer,on hearing this we announced that no mosque should use public address system for security reasons.
It was reveal that over two hundred (200) Tiv militia cross border from the neigboring Benue state to take reprisal,It  was gathered that the attackers were in  possession of deadly weapons.
The attack on various communities  by Tiv may not be unconnected  to the lingering mayhem  that envelop Benue state which lead to the mass exodus  of people to other neigboring states.
Aftermath of Benue massacre  by Fulani pastoralist,Farmers and settlers in neigboring Nasarawa state known no peace as border towns of Awe,Kadarko,Sarkin Noma,Bature and Giza were deserted.
The mass exodus of people to neigboring states is a pointer that famine may looms in Nasarawa south  as famers no longer go to farm,while schools are safer haven  for reptiles and rodents.
Governor Al-Makura  attributed the  intrusion  of fulani herdsmen to the neigboring Benue state  as  the reason that ignited the communal violence.
He said the Government of  Nasarawa state will collaborate  with his Benue state counterpart,Governor Gabriel Suswan  to create an enabling atmophere for the people of the neigboring state.
Calling on the people of Giza community to be law abiding citizens,assuring the people that a permanent military base will be establih in the volatile zone pending the return of nomalcy to the area.
He also cautioned the people of the community to be vigilant by reporting the discovery of any strange faces in their locality,The Governor also donated foodstuff to the people of the community.

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