This Is How The “Children Of God” Treat Africans By Daniel Akusobi

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  • Nigerian Custom Agents At Ikeja Are Not Better

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The essence of this article is to permutate on why Nigerian immigrants to other lands may be regarded as a bunch of shit. (My apologies) They keep doing it to us abroad and worse still is we do not get or expect a better treatment at home because we seem to be incapable of refusing to be maltreated.
Can we, Africans, home and abroad decide to protest the subhuman treatments we get in our respective countries like we blacks, protest police brutality in the USA?
Are we allowed to elect people we know could be more humane in handling their fellow citizens and making our lives better?
Most of our elections shoot same looters from a lower level to a higher power with hope a rogue will by a prayer become a saint the next day on a higher post. A thieving governor becomes a greater thief at the Senate (!), the next level most of them crave for.
Can we as a matter of practicality leave the churches alone and take up protests on our streets to call attention for a better treatment of our people by our people in our own homelands?
The idea that God will change our deplorable human situations and treatments in our own countries for better through our insistent prayers is very sickening and has not worked and won’t .
Same God that “hears us” also gets prayers for protection from our looters and humiliators, and tends to care for the looters better than for the poor masses. The looters prosper and the poor gets worse, the entire country dies slowly.
We share a general principle of respect for all humanity and preservation of one’s own property, including country. At the same time, we MUST know that the countries we besiege in escape from harm in our own countries fear possible harms to their people and country in the hands of us, the immigrants “infiltrators”, so they do whatever it takes to protect their people and country from any possible damage from the “infiltrators”.  Nigeria does not have such love for her people nor country.
You should see how respectfully the so called foreigners – people with a different skin color, lighter hues, softer hair textures, occasionally green and blue and pale eyes, get free passes at our airports in Nigeria, whereas a poor Nigerian traveler would be quoted all the fake laws on book on “quarantine” (the easiest terminology that rolls out of the mouth of these rogues in uniform, the custom officers, at Ikeja airports) . They (Nigerian custom officials) would remove and seize the little crawfish and ukasi (a fish and a vegetable) we want to take over to our wives and family abroad.
White people with their brief cases and trunk boxes in same airport are never searched. I guess the Nigerian custom officers feel they, the whites, including Indians, Bangladesh, Philipinos and Chinese, are a sort of Gods, or saints.
I told one Nigerian custom official digging my bags last April, while her colleague let a white man pass through without his box searched that the white man’s box you let free could be containing some human hearts and kidneys and drugs. She never said a thing because of her focus on N1000 bribe I will give her so she could let me take some food items to her fellow Nigerian woman abroad. This situation is disgustingly distressful at that airport in Ikeja.
Our country , Nigeria , won’t have the moral ground to question Israel, for instance, or Malaysia, for maltreating our people in their lands because she , Nigeria, knows she has created  some painful life situations that make some of us that can afford leaving town flee.
In all these, it is the poor immigrant, legal or not in these hostile nations that loses out. No protection in own home town, and none expected from abroad.
In all, a life in jail at JFK, New York, like one Nigerian jailed immigrant at JFK immigration detention center insisted, is better than a cozy life in Lagos or Abuja.

I do not know how true  that is , but sometimes I tend to feel they say so because ” going backwards” once out of a lion’s den,  some would say,  is DEATH.

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