There Is No Tenure Elongation For You, Plateau Youth Council Tells Dr. Jemchang Fabong, Says Its Illegal

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Yakubu Busari

The Plateau Youth Council, PYC, CWC has denied tenure elongation for the Chairman Jemchang  Fabong led Exco,  describing  it’s as an illegal.

In what seems to be like a turn around the CWC members of the plateau youth council is denying elongating the tenure of the Dr J. Fabong administration.

In a statement issued and available to the press, sign by 22 members of the CWC denied any attempt of tenure elongation. recalled that a few weeks ago exactly on the 08/05/2020 a statement was released to the general public of elongation of the tenure of the current exco, however, seems all interest is not settling and plateau youths council is about to start a new saga.

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The statement reads: “We make it bold to say that we were never carried along as always, moreso on this constitutional matter that ought to have been exhaustively debated upon on the floor of the House to avert/circumvent the looming leadership vacuum as the Constitution neither provides for Caretaker Committee nor Tenure elongation under any guise.

The PYC Chairman and his cohorts may well do us all the honour of referring us to any section of the PYC Constitution that empowers the EXCO, factional EXCO or “Expanded EXCO (sic!)” to elongate the tenure in office of any PYC official beyond the lawful, recognized date.

The statement alleges that the process was not only illegal but an arrangement outside the spirit and letters of the PYC constitution:


Furthermore, the statement claimed that there is still a Vote of no confidence of the chairman “ We wish to remind the PYC Chairman, Dr Fabong Njemchang that there is still a valid Vote of No Confidence passed on him by a clear 2/3 majority of his EXCO, that is awaiting deliberation and action by the CWC”

Again the statement is accusing the chairman of a number of issues which includes running a one man exco among others which reads : “That he is attempting to remove members with Valid Certificates of Return, through the back door, despite these members never having a petition written against them smacks of nothing but lawlessness, arrogance and disdain for adherence to laid down rules for order in a civilised society. This crude ,primitive ,local and selfish behavior can only be exhibited by a power drunk and autocratic despot who has nothing to show to his constituents despite receiving millions on their behalf, always seeking avenues to run away from being made to account; laying the blame on the Government or abusing the very youths that put him in office!

Other contents of the statement read: “We, therefore, urge Dr Fabong Njemchang to take inspiration from a Past Chairman of the Youth Council-Hon. William Audu, who when faced with similar allegations of embezzlement and misapplication of PYC funds, stepped aside to allow for an unhindered investigation. The same man was subsequently probed and cleared by the CWC and was returned to the office to complete his tenure.

Dr Fabong should stop playing to the gallery and do what he knows he should do now, which is to immediately hand over to the next most senior official in the Council and allow for an unhindered meeting of the CWC

Your Excellency, as the Patron of the Plateau Youth Council and a past member yourself, sir ,we beseech that you direct the embattled Chairman-Dr Fabong Njemchang to step aside to allow for a thorough investigation into the allegations that 2/3rd of the EXCO members have proferred against him.

In addition sir, we plead that you also direct the Plateau Information Communication Technology Development Agency, the State Ministries of

Justice, as well as Youth & Sports Development to with immediate effect, set up modalities for an EXTRA ORDINARY MEETING of the Central Working Committee USING VIRTUAL MEANS as is now the globally accepted standard, so as to deliberate and devise the way out of the impasse and set up an Electoral Committee as well as honour our dearly departed colleagues. There are a few days left of the life of this current PYC administration within which this can be done.

All members must present their Certificates of Return as the evidence of membership of the 2017-2020 CWC before accreditation into the meeting.

We want the deliberations of this meeting to be streamed live for the benefit of the multitudes of Plateau youth that have been left in the dark for too long about the true state of affairs of the Youth Council.

We salute the doggedness, patience and forbearance of Plateau youths, and enjoin them to continue to remain steadfast to the dreams of our founding fathers and approach matters with maturity and sincerity.

We must not allow sentiment of tribe, religion or pocket to rule over us and prevent us from doing that which is right.

Many sacrificed for the Council, and our dear Plateau State to be where it is today.

We must ensure their labour was not in vain, and we too must be ready to make our own sacrifices for a better tomorrow.

We enjoin all our teeming supporters and all advocates of justice and fairness to remain calm and law-abiding as though times may be hard, hard times don’t last.

No empire built on deception and greed lasts long.

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