The Coming Collapse Of The PDP Bybayo Oluwasanmi

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“The Coming Collapse of the PDP” reproduced below was published in SaharaReporters and elsewhere June 10. I predicted the imminent collapse of PDP through series of documented absurdities of the party.  Boy, was I right? Last week, the acclaimed “invincible largest party in Africa” came crashing down like a house of cards.
Where there is no faith in the future, there is no power in the present. The consummation of political judgment against Nigeria’s number one enemy includes the doom of PDP – the current fractional rebellion and the final electoral waterloo come 2015.

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The PDP is ripe in its emblematic wickedness and unrivalled ideology of corruption and thus richly deserves the calamities that are about to befall it, the prologue of which we witnessed last week when Abubakar Atiku faction made up of seven governors walked out of the party’s special national convention to form a “focused new PDP.”
To the Jonathan camp, it’s sadness in the old; and gladness in the new to the Atiku faction.
The Coming Collapse Of The PDP By Bayo Oluwasanmi
I am not a fan of any political party in Nigeria. The political parties are carbon copy of each other.  They do not adequately represent or address the needs and interests of Nigerians.
Nigerians are at a great disadvantage when choosing a party that will fight for them. The choice before them is between Satan and Lucifer. Really, they have no choice.
The opposition parties will not be responsible for the ultimate collapse of PDP. After all, they have never been a credible alternative or effective opposition.
The PDP is its own worst enemy. The party lacks the refreshing resolve to steer the nation’s drowning ship safely ashore. Under the PDP central administration, freedom decays as material acquisition and corruption of the ruling class expand.
The danger of political amnesia is that the PDP’s failure to govern in the present is often a direct link with a failure to remember the lessons of the past.
It may sound like alarming exaggeration to say that the witch hunting and persecution of real and imagined enemies of President Jonathan and the PDP will prove a fatal plot at a fateful moment.
No one therefore, should be surprised about the withering opposition and seemingly insurmountable absurdities that have literally drenched the party.
The close minded attitude that excludes any possibility of learning, forms the bane of PDP’s undoing. I’m persuaded that there is absolutely no limit in the absurdities we’ll continue to witness.
I have said it elsewhere and I would like to restate it here again that the PDP has been fooling the majority of Nigerians to believe that two and two are three, that water freezes when it gets hot and boils when it gets cold, and with other nonsense that might seem to serve the interest of the PDP-led federal government.
Of course when these beliefs were distilled, bottled, packaged, and sold to Nigerians by the army of PDP image makers and publicists, the people still won’t put the pot in the refrigerator when they wanted it to boil.
Against the prayers of the PDP, Nigerians will continue to reject PDP’s Sunday truth being peddled in sacred, mystical, and in awed tones that cold makes water boil.
Because of PDP’s bizarre and eccentric strong arm tactics, political persecution of individual liberty, intolerance, and disrespect for dissension within the party, its demise is assured.
Samples of absurdities from PDP archive:
•    Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi suspended from PDP.
•    Governor Aliyu Wamako suspended because he didn’t pick up call from the party’s chair, Bamanga Tukur.
•    In spite of the spate of armed robbers, death squads of different stripes, abductors, rapists, kidnappers, and general lawlessness in the country, the PDP controlled National Assembly rejected the establishment of state police.
•    Nineteen northern governors shunned the Northern States Governor’s Forum.
•    Godsay Orubebe, Niger Delta Affairs Minister suspended by the Burutu Local Government chapter of the PDP.
•    United Action For Democracy (UAD) described PDP’s regime as “14 years of looting and political brigandage.”
•    Mbu Joseph Mbu Rivers State police commissioner withdrew police orderly and escort detail for the state’s Speaker of the House of Assembly.
•    Bamanga Tukur remarked “You see, if there is any security threat, the security people will take care of it, you could not link it up with the president.”
•    Two journalists of the Abuja based Leadership Newspapers – Tony Amokeodo, news editor, and political correspondent Chibuzor Ukaibe were arrested for allegedly forged the bromide of a presidential order.
•    PDP reintroduced Chief Richard Akinjide’s electoral voodoo mathematics of two thirds formula by declaring Governor Jang of Plateau State as the new chair of NGF even though he received 16 votes out of the votes of 35 governors. Governor Amaechi who garnered majority vote of 19 was declared the loser. 
•    Mahmud Tukur, son of the PDP chair Bamanga Tukur, charged with N1.2 billion subsidy fraud.
•    First Lady Patience Jonathan lost 1.84 hectares land case to former First Lady Turai Ya’radua.
•    FG grounded Governor Amaechi’s aircraft from flying in Nigeria.  
 PDP is fast becoming the largest redundant and persecuting party in Africa. If the PDP can claim superiority in anything, it is not in moral values but in morass.
Everything the PDP claimed it has done to improve the lot of Nigerians is at present, totally and utterly false and futile. Examine Mr. Jonathan’s midterm score card.
PDP’s spending habit is ruthless and harmful. Last week it was widely reported in the media that the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) collected N1.5 trillion in four months. Nigerians can’t see the visible proof of what the PDP led federal government did with the money.
In a shipwreck the crew obeys orders without the need of reasoning with themselves, because they have a common purpose and trust which are not remote. The means to the realization of their purpose are not difficult to understand.
But if the captain were dishonest and full of lies, in order to prove his commands wise, the ship would sink before his lecture was finished. Nigerians don’t trust the PDP.
PDP policy makers are not men and women of exceptional talent. They lack the emotional attitude, the empathy to connect with the sufferings of Nigerians.
The old mechanism of hatred against those critical of its inept policies and barren programs outside the PDP, renders the party backward and primitive.
Because of its bankruptcy of ideas, the pursuit of personal political ambitions, internal acrimonious rancor, the PDP has submitted the nation to long years of unspeakable anguish like children who are compelled to look on while their mothers are being raped.
There have been pestilence of violence, ranging poverty, famine of insecurity, misery, and folly for all of the 14 years the PDP has been in power. These morbid miseries have been fostered by gloomy creeds of the PDP.
All these and other tyrannical and repressive policies have led Nigerians in profound inner discords that made all outward prosperity of no avail.
I find the PDP central government to be in love with misery. The party grows angry whenever hopes are suggested to them.
The PDP enjoys declaring social and economic wars on the people provided their immediate family members are not victims.
If your head is cut off, it immensely diminishes your thinking power. I believe most of the heads of the members of PDP’s have been cut off. The PDP as the majority party is indifferent to Nigeria’s problems.
It is remarkably astonishing that PDP remains calm and urbane and humorous to the torments and hardship our people go through. The party is dishonest and sophistical in arguments why things remain the way they are after 14 years in power.
There is something smug and unctuous about the PDP: the treachery to the truth. The PDP needs a long residence in a moral and ethical purgatory.
When a wounded bull has spent all his last energy, he’ll often scrape at the ground with his horns. The PDP sensed it is doomed, shows agony of defeat. This is the pathetic picture of a defeated party with its head buried in the dust!
*** Perhaps the most distinguishing mark of a great thinker is his foresight to see the inevitable before it happens, to see what lesser minds cannot vision. – Bertrand Russell

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