Tension And Struggle Over UTC Motors  53 Plots In Jos North LGA  ,”Plateau Govt To Acquire To Prevent Land Grabbers

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Yakubu Busari

Jos the Plateau state capital and commercial hub of the North -Central Nigeria has continued to witness bloodbath since its creation in 1976 by the then military government of General Yakubu Gowon,then called Benue /Plateau.


The state is now divided into Benue, Nasarawa and Plateau state to help prevent the incessant communal conflicts springing up as a result of political and economic interest to have total control of the resources available.


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However, the fear of the unknown has continued scrip in looking at the growing population of foreigners influx as either businessmen and women with the economic power to purchase landed properties with the state headquarters by so doing they are gradually displacing the natives from their ancestral home paving ways for development.


With the present-day economic hardship, the natives have their own story to say, because they suffered more casualties from internal conflict and bomb explosion over the years with financial threat and inexperience leadership to land laws in place to tackle issues associated with selling and buying of lands.



Concerned citizens also raised alarm by calling on the attention of the Plateau State government to as a matter of urgency address the problem of land grabbers and indiscriminate encroachment of lands in the state.


However, tension and struggle over allocation of lands and this landed properties belonging to  Michael Chuhwak Davou behind UTC motors Jos a residential layout under the following conditions , plot No,2,3,4,5,6,7&8 block C size 450sqm and fees /charges (3,500,000.00)/being allocation and a certificate of occupancy (O of C ) processing fees per plot.


Why they are threatening me by dragging the matter to court and ensure that I spent (4) four days at the Jos correctional center, we enter into power of attorney with Hon Kevin Michael Chukwak (donor ) on behalf of my company Ron Properties Nigeria ltd,(donee).


Information reaching our medium that, After the contract agreement with Ron Properties Nigeria ltd because of the value of the land location a plan to build and to acquire the place and refund back the money to those that already paid for it as expansionist agenda.


It was gathered by this medium that all the piece of land situated behind UTC motors Jos North LGA, Plateau state measuring 2850,67 square meters as described in the survey plan and covered by an application for right of occupancy with file No 21864 in the name of Mr. Michael Chukwak Davou has generated blackmail from desperate buyers to covert the residential layout into the mosque.


The alleged buyers have approached the donee of offering 300,000,000.00 instances of the selling price of 130,000,000.00 and retain 5% of the agreed spelled out a memorandum of understanding signed by the donor and the donee so Plateau state ministry for lands, survey, and town planning to acquire the said landed property before it escalates into another fresh communal clash in the future.


Besides the ugly trend of attacks, killings, and reoccurring decimals of Fulani, Farmers conflict in Jos government should take concrete measures by some guard the natives’ land from foreign encroaching because there is more just acquiring the UTC land.


A appealed to Lalong and international, providing support and programming is vital,“ The federal government together with the military should identify an appropriate civilian state agency to monitor screening sites. ”



The ostensible dispute is over the“rights” of the indigene Berom/Anaguta/Afizere (BAA) group and the rival claims of the Hausa-Fulani settlers to land, power, and resources. However, the challenges of Indigene-settler conflicts are not new to Nigeria, but the country is currently experiencing widespread intercommunal strife, which particularly affects the Middle Belt.


The Jos crisis is the result of failure to amend the constitution to privilege broad-based citizenship over exclusive indigene status and ensure that residency rather than indigeneity determine citizens’ rights.


The constitutional change is an important step to defuse indigene -settler rivalries that continue to undermine security. It must be accompanied by immediate steps to identify and prosecute perpetrators.

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