Tarok Natives Condemn Killing In Wase, Plateau By Yakubu Busari, Jos

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Emir of Wase Dr Muhammadu Sambo HarunaChairman Ngwang Ishi Otarok Wase Local Government Area, Mr Lohbut Jangle has condemned the genocide on his members and demand immediate withdrawal of soldiers from Wase settlements back to their barracks.

He made this  disclosure in a press conference demanding the federal government to urgently withdraw soldiers in Wase , Mavo Town where they soldiers and some civilians used them to launched attack on the Taroh people.

Jangle called on the National human right commission to conduct independent investigation into the matter and fish out the perpetrators especially 3rd Armoured division .

He pleaded with all people, agencies organizations both local and international to come to their aid of affected victims of dastardly act of army brutality .

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The Tarok leaders demand full compensation to be paid to the victims ,”we are on firm authority that some of the military men have carried out a survey of the following Tarok villages with the sole devilish and satanic aim of carrying out similar operations on them”.


“We challenge the army to show their claims at the locations they allegedly pronounced that huge armoury was found in that locality “.


Jangle noted that this conspiracy against the people of Tarok speaking natives has started manifesting in to killing of aimless and helpless civilians to achieve their Jihadist agenda were women and children are massacre, houses torched beyond recognition.


According to him, some people who do not want our existence on the surface of this earth have done this by promoting was  happened through sponsoring men in uniforms to unleash terror to clear Tarok out of their ancestral settlements .

He explained that the crises which started since 1998 between Tarok over councilorship of Lamba Wakat ward continue to destroyed lives and properties of people.


We are appealing to the appropriate authority to stop the killing of our people because we occupied 200 villages in Wase LG

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