Suspected Boko Haram Members Burnt To Ashes In A Blast During Police Raid In Yobe By Masoyi Lusa

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Several insurgence were said to have burnt to ashes in the late hours of Tuesday in Potiskum  LGA of Yobe state. Potiskum is among the towns in Yobe state that have witness several attacks by the Boko-Haram targeted at government establishments, Security officers and civilians in recent times.
Security source said the suspected Boko-Haram were attacked by the police at a check-point around Texaco filling station junction in Potiskum  after they refused  to  stop for search at the checkpoint, and such warranted Police officers, to fire several gunshots  at the occupants of the vehicle.
The source added that after the gunshot at the vehicle, there was a blast in which they got burnt, according to the Source the suspects must be Boko-Haram heading to attack somewhere.
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According to residents the raid on the suspected Boko-Haram is a good thing on the current attacks in Potiskum because there has been curfew which does not permit movement in Potiskum and wondered their action to move in that ugly hour.
This development as gathered terrified residents living within that area, with several others scampering for safety while others were trapped in the ensuing drama.
It was also learnt that security personnel has taken  serious measures in Potiskum to nip in the bud the recurrent attacks in Potiskum of which imposing curfew is among the idea that will be use to deal with the Boko-Haram members.

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