The Sudden Exit Of Hadiza Bala Usman From Sir Kashim Ibrahim Govt House Kaduna: Who Fills The Vacuum?

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Haj. Hadiza Dr. Yusuf Bala Usman is undoubtedly of an intimidating family lineage and sparkling prolific curriculum vitae (CV).

She is the daughter of late Dr. Yusuf Bala Usman a re-known astute scholar, a human rights activist of reputes and a full blood royal Prince, a direct grandchild of the famous Late Muhammad Dikko the Emir of Katsina in the early 20th century.

Haj. Hadiza bags her 1st and doctorate degrees from the premier Nigerian University of Ahmadu Bello, Zaria. She rose to national lime-light through various working activities and activism. She immensely contributed in the formation of the then solid and verile opposition party APC that won the 2015 general elections.

Her appointment as the Chief of Staff to His Excellency Mal. Nasiru Ahmad El-rufai of Kaduna state was to say the least but was however proved to be the stabilizing force given the entire administration cohesion and progress. As expected of the office, she combined political skills, technocratic mastery and administrative grandizment to propel the government of Mal. Nasiru Ahmad el-rufai higher most.

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Her recent appointment by President Muhammadu Buhari as the new MD Nigerian Ports Authority doesn’t take analysts aback considering her immense successes and contribution on the nation building.

However it was a thunder bolt or earthquake to the people of Kaduna state who woke-up with shocks of the news that strip-naked the entire government of Kaduna state.

The night-mare therefore remains the tongue waggling of who bears the shoes of this giant wolf that moves to the national stage.

Pundits are of the opinion that some of the possible replacements to the office of the chief of staff government house Kaduna could be:

  1. Alh Uba Sani (Political Adviser)


He is the present political adviser to His Excellency. He had a track record of loyalty and commitment. His only short comings are the inability to help the governor to manage the political confusion in the state chapter of the ruling party APC.

The government is not able to tackle widespread accusations on the lack of an all-inclusive administration with most of those who politically contributed in the success of APC in the state very well sidelined.

He may only be qualified on the aspect of his closeness to His Excellency, loyalty and administrative management skills.

  1. Hon. Garba Abbas (IMC Chairman Giwa)

GarbaHe is the present IMC Chairman of Giwa local government as well the state ALGON Chairman, a charismatic politician who was the pioneer secretary of the El-rufai campaign organization before the primary elections.

He was later to be the assistant secretary to the present commissioner for local governments & chieftaincy affairs Hon. Bashir Sa’eed during the stirring committee of the El-rufai campaign organization.

He well served in many capacities among which, the transition committee for the handing over of government to His Excellency Malam Nasiru El-rufai in 2015.

His biggest challenge may be his inability to manage his relationship with other elected officers from his local government area, but he may be considered for his political sagacity to serve as a bridge and a unifying factor.

  1. Hon. Moh’d Sani Dattijo (Hon. Commissioner Economic Planning)

MohdA very young and exposed technocrat with vast knowledge, a level headed person with a brighter future in the state. He is the present commissioner of economic planning. He served in different capacities amongst which the United Nations (UN) headquarters in Washington DC. He is a prolific young politician.

His challenges could be his political limitations but he is however a sound administrator.

  1. Bashir Sa’eed (Hon. Commissioner Local Governments & Chieftaincy Affairs)

BashirA close ally of His Excellency with whom the political moves were initiated. He was involved in all of the skimisms and was later the general secretary pioneer state APC leadership doubling with that of the stirring committee of His Excellency’s campaign organization after securing the Party’s candidature for the governorship in the State.

Hon. Bashir Sa’eed was appointed Commissioner for local governments & chieftaincy affairs on the inauguration of the administration. However, His Excellency promise for the autonomy of local government councils is yet to be fully implemented. To worsen situations, the commissioner is more of the log in the wheels of the local government councils derive to deliver dividends of democracy to their teeming masses.

He is a more controversial senior member of the present administration and his appointment as chief of staff to His Excellency would add more to the desired need for an urgent rescue mission to project the government’s dwindling political image.

  1. Mr Jimmy Lawal (Senior Special Assistant Counseling)

JimiA very close associate of His Excellency, he was part of the successes of Mal. Nasiru El-rufai as Minister of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. He made tremendous contributions in His Excellency’s journey to ascend to the present position.

Mr. Jimmy Lawal is undoubtedly a member of the inner-house that projects policy formulation and implementation for the administration in the state. He presently act in capacity of the chief of staff but may not be able to provide one of the key demands of the chief of staff office which is to stabilize various sectors and institutions due to his lack of touch with mainstream political structure in the state.

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