Stop Inciting People To Fight, APC Chieftain Warns Obasanjo Against Danger

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Yakubu Busari


An All Progressive Congress chieftain Hon Tigana Yakal has described the comments credited to former President, Olusegun Obasanjo as wrong adding he Obasanjo remains the worst corrupt leader ever produced in the history of Nigeria.


Yakal stated this during in an interview with our reporter in Jos. He said, “My view concerning Obasanjo behavior towards governance in Nigeria, Obasanjo happened to be president of Nigeria in the 3rd republic where Nigerians were crying over military regime and their corrupt attitudes.


According to him, his coming on the throne we expected Obasanjo to set up a good democratic foundation in Nigeria that will give Nigerians direction on leadership, unfortunately, the reverse was the case. Obasanjo came on board and encourage corruption even though who were elected to perform their civic responsibility, Obasanjo will carry money in Bagco bags for lobbying on issues that is not supposed to be lobbied for e.g. budget approval, the same Obasanjo was the one that made our youths to become unemployed today, when he came he sold NITEL, NIPOST, TOTAL etc. He explained further that these agencies yearly used to employ more than 5,000 Nigerians.


Hon Yakal said, Obasanjo is always looking for where to be a leader why he will be making all this utterance’s because he has nowhere to go politically e.g. will he go back to PDP where he has torn his membership card publicly or will he now go back to the APC where Tinubu is now in charge.


He noted that these are some of the reasons why Obasanjo is busy criticizing the integrity of this present government.


Yakal called on Nigerians to forget the calamity that Obasanjo caused for this country by bringing in a leader who have health challenges ‘may his soul rest in peace’, to be the president of this country and incapable vice President all in the name of manipulation of leadership.


“My plead to all Nigerian is we should learn to respect leaders and pray for our leaders just as our holy books teach us to”.



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