Statement of the National Day of the Republic of Ecuador in Nigeria

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On the occasion of the National Day of Ecuador in Nigeria, Ambassador Leopoldo Rovayo expressed that when he received the proposal to be posted to Nigeria, he accepted without any doubt because starting his diplomatic career in 1989, for him it seems there was a hole in the Ecuadorian foreign policy that has not been covered, it is Africa, a huge continent which is part of our roots.  Ecuador has one million afro descendant people from a population of sixteen million”.

Ambassador Rovayo also remembered their first patriots who struggled for independent as well as Africa in 1960.  However, he noted that both countries have the challenges to improve the quality of our democracies: giving our societies peace and security, inclusive development respecting human rights and giving our population the opportunity to make a living with dignity.  Adding that this year is probably one of the most convulsive periods of contemporary human history, that violence in all it different ways is increasing; not only by bomb blasts but also incentivized with policies that does not fits other realities and facts.

The Embassy of Ecuador will work hard to attain the vision their President Mr. Rafael Correa Delgado, which government had open three more Embassies in Africa last year, Algeria, Angola and Ethiopia.

As part of our work, we had open a commercial section that have gotten a document of Ecuadorian products that could be accepted in the Nigerian market and also get in contact with Nigerian diaspora UHEAL organization that have been being working to strengthen the primary health care services in rural areas, for diabetics and high blood pressure patient follow up in Imo state managed by Professor Patricia U. Ukaigwe [email protected],

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The Embassy of Ecuador in the Federal Republic of Nigeria began its work in Abuja 15th December 2015, when Ambassador Rovayo presented his letters of Credence to his Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari.

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