Speech Of Governor Badaru For The 8th Annual Meeting For APC SSG Holden In Jigawa

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Umar Abubakar Adamu

It is with great pleasure I welcome you all to the 8th Quarterly Meeting of SGSs of APC states organised by the Progressive Governors Forum with the theme “Developing Common Policy Framework for APC States”. This is not only important but also necessary if we are to achieve the objective of the quarterly meetings of the SGSs of facilitating the adoption and uniform implementation of common policy framework and initiatives across all APC states in line with the social democratic philosophy of the party. This means that we have to aggressively ensure that we are able to settle all public debates around the distinction between APC, on the one hand, and PDP and other parties, on the other. This can only be achieved through the implementation of distinctive policy and programmes in our states.


As governors under the banner of the All Progressives Congress (APC), we are fully committed to our vision of providing accountable, responsible and responsive leadership to our citizens, in line with the oath of office that we took at inauguration into office and the manifesto of our party. We are also aware of the torrents of expectations that accompanied our ascension to office, particularly those of us on our second term. In spite of the dire financial and logistical constraints confronting our states and the lingering insecurity, the onus is on us, as elected representatives of our people, to devise ingenious ways of meeting the expectations of the public.


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Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, this quarterly meetings of Secretaries to Governments of APC states is one of Progressive Governors’ strategies of ensuring that we all work as a collective to develop common policy responses towards meeting the expectations of the electorate. From all the reports available to us from all the previous meetings, we are convinced that these quarterly meetings are by far the operational framework that has come to define our commitment to facilitate the development of our states, and by extension our country.


I am convinced that with the support of the experts working with the PGF Secretariat at both the level of Steering Committees and as consultants, the Forum would speed up all processes of identifying and translating agreed common initiatives into governance policy responses in all APC states. As Secretaries to all our respective governments, not only that the identified common initiatives came from you, the processes of translating the initiatives into governance policies was driven by you. I would therefore implore all SGSs of our states to ensure that implementation of all agreed common policy initiatives is effectively coordinated.


In addition to finalised initiatives in the areas of Social Security, Revenue Collection and Administration and Education, Forum also expect that the meeting will review both progress of implementation in all our states as well as also consider report of work being done with the assistance of the National Primary Health Care Development Agency and other partners with respect to Health Policy initiatives for our states. We expect that this meeting would provide all the needed guidelines and instructions to our team of experts to finalise work on Health policy for all APC states.


Ladies and gentlemen, hosting this 8th Quarterly Meeting of SGSs of APC sates here in Jigawa state “The New World”, is to us an honour. Jigawa boasts of beautiful topography characterised by undulating land, with sand dunes of various sizes spanning several kilometers in parts of the state. The state enjoys vast fertile arable land to which almost all tropical crops could adapt. Our people are very hospitable and loving. So, I urge you to take out time and enjoy our leather works, tanning, dyeing natural features and historical monuments. We hope it affords you the needed conducive atmosphere to search out solutions that will guarantee delivery of the dividends of democracy to our people both in the short and long terms.

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