Senator Wakili Insist No Constituency Allowance To Senators

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Logpobiri Anaiya

The Senator Representing Bauchi South senatorial District in Bauchi state Senator Ali Wakili  has insist on  that there is nothing like constituency allowance for senators

Wakili explained this to party supporters while distributing cars to his coordinators and strong party supporters in Seven local government areas of his constituency. Saying that there is no such thing as constituency allowance . It exists only in the imagination of the public.

Senator Wakili said “constituency projects to my understanding are projects that are secured in the federal budget for your constituency. People out there erroneously think that legislators are given money to go and execute constituency projects. There is no such a thing. You as a lawmaker lobby and get projects that would benefit your constituents, put into the budget.

Mr Wakili said “no body give me kobo as constituency allowance to share to the general public we are there in the senate to make policies and decide on laws that suit my constituency and people of my constituency”

“Any project by the president from the ministry would definitely be in somebody’s constituency. They are called constituency projects because, the initiative to get them into the budget is from the legislator. We also have social responsibility programmes. For instance, I have. Purchase computer for schools, water pumps for irrigation farming, Those ones are paid for from my pockets and I can determine how I want to spend my money. it is my decision, it is my money”.

He however urge beneficiaries of the cars to make judicious use of the vehicles to also help neighborhood and their entire communities.



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