Sen. Aduda 2015 Senatorial Ambition Hangs In The Balance

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  • Aduda In Cold War With Jisalo
  • FCT Inhabitants Vows To Vote  Out Philip

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In-spite of picking his nomination form for the FCT Senatorial ticket, for the 2015 General election, Sen. Philip Aduda faces an uphill task in returning to red chamber, in 2015.
Information available at indicates that Senator Philip Tanimu Aduda is now at loggerhead with Hon. Zephaniah Bitrus Jisalo who is representing AMAC/Bwari Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, as Jisalo has vowed to make it impossible for Aduda to return to the Senate.
The once frosty relationship between Aduda and Jisalo has now turned sour, the reason, according to a source  who confided in that the crisis between the duo  started when; Philip Aduda bought a car for Jisalo’s uncle Ambassador Jacob Ayuba Ngbako and gave him N500,000 which Philip said that it is for the fueling of the car, thus the source said the dangling of the carrot before Jisalo’s uncle is meant to rubbish Jisalo before his uncle and family members.
It was gathered that no sooner had Jisalo’s uncle received the gift from Philip, that Jisalo’s family members lampooned him, as they said that he has not been assisting them, rather someone from outside is the person that is coming to their aid.
Thus the source, told this medium that is the root cause of the crisis between  Jisalo and Philip, as such the two are at loggerhead; meanwhile in order to scuttle Jisalo’s chances of coming back to the House of Representatives for a second time, it was learnt that through the advice of Senator Aduda and his support, he has conscripted  Peter Yohanna Bwari Council chairman to run for the AMAC/Bwari Federal House of Representatives seat in 2015 general all in a bid to stop Hon. Jisalo from coming back to the Green Chamber, a development which Mr. Jisalo is not at ease with.
“This is the same thing he did in 2011, when he conscripted his former Special Assistant, and former Secretary AMAC Area Council,  Yakubu Mohammed to run against Jisalo for the AMAC/Bwari House of Representatives seat, all in a bid to stop Jisalo from winning the House of Representatives seat,” the source said.
However, this medium learnt that Hon. Jisalo is not leaving any stone unturned as as he is aware of the machinations of Senator Adudua, and has vowed  to fight back, as he (Jisalo) will not sit and watch Mr. Adudua stop his coming back to the House of Representatives for a second time under the guise two people from the AMAC axis cannot be in the National Assembly.
“Why didn’t he withdraw from the Senate and allow someone from Bwari axis to run for senate under the PDP since he knows that two people from AMAC axis cannot be in the National Assembly,” the Source said.
We all know the truth, just on Tuesday he, Philip  purchased his form for the 2015 Senatorial election, with all his hired thugs he came with, the hired person which came under the umbrella of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and Geo-Political Leaders Forum, led by Hon.Jisalo’s uncle , Ambassador Jacob Ayuba Ngbak, whom he has bought over, and claimed that they purchase the form for him; which form did they purchase for him, where did they get the money to buy the form for him, we know all these, that it was Adudua that gave the money, so it will look as if he is being pushed by the FCT inhabitants to go for another term,” the source said.
Meanwhile, spoke with some FCT indigene shortly after Mr. Aduda picked his form for the 2015 FCT Senatorial Seat on Tuesday and this is what they have to say after they were asked for their opinion of the person of  Senator Adudua coming back for a second time; “we will not vote for him, we will make sure that he doesn’t come back.”
“Tell me why we will vote him a second time, what did he do for us, as Senator, look at even Karu where he is from, the road from Karu Village to Karu site, up to Karu Karu Junction, it is in a very bad shape, in fact we now pass through Nyanya before we can go to town,” said an indigene of Karu.

Speaking further, another FCT indigene said, no scholarship, no water, we have not seen any boreholes, no attraction of anything that benefits us as a people, where are the constituency projects, so there is nothing that shows that we want him back.”
Meanwhile, Sen. Usman Jibril Wowo has also picked the nomination for the FCT 2015 Senatorial election, it is not certain whether they FCT inhabitants who has expressed their displeasure over Sen. Philip, will now turn their support towards Mr. Wowo. 

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