See The Faces Of 171 Evil Merchants Arrested Over Culpable Homicide In Nasarawa State/By Rabiu Omaku

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suspected evil merchants arrested by Nasarawa Police Command
No fewer than 171 suspected evil merchants were arrested by the Nasarawa State Police command.
The State Police commissioner, Umar Shehu  has confided this while given the breakdown of the success story of the command under his able leadership.

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Umar Shehu said the command arrested and prosecute criminals in relation to capital offences suspects,He buttress that 171 suspects were arrested  and prosecuted in 2013  which shows as increase  compared to 2012 where 78 suspects were apprehended for culpable homicide cases and prosecuted.
Nasarawa Police Parading Suspected bandits alongside Firearms
The compol aver that the command recorded a successful fight against crime and criminality, Attributing the achievement in combating crime in the state to the proactive strategies adopted by the command, He also eulogized the effort of other sister security agencies in the state .
The commissioner of police said the success story of the bumper harvest and success in operation was due to the various strategies  which he listed to include intelligence -propelled policing, community -based policing ,raiding  of criminal hideouts, strategic nipping point deployment ,vehicular  patrols.
Umar Shehu said the command succeeded in arresting and prosecuting 180 armed robbers compared 136  armed robbers were nab last year ,Other breakthrough recorded also include the recovery of  arms and ammunition,He attested that 13 AK 47 rifles were recovered  in 2013 compared to 2012 where 5 AK 47 rifles were recovered.
He further stated that 2 sub-machine guns were recovered  in 2013 compared to 2012where no recovery was made,He in addition said 3 type of 06 rifles were recovered in 2013 compared to 2012 where 2 type 06 rifles were recovered.
The commissioner aver that 7 pump guns were recovered in 2013 compared to 1 pump action gun recovered in 2012,Other firearms recovered in 2013 according to him includes10 single barrel guns recovered in 2013 compared to 1  in 2012,69 locally made pistols were recovered  in 2013 against 31 recovered in 2012.
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Other track record of the command the commissioner listed includes recovery of 1228 round of 7.62mm life ammunitions,15 round s of 5.62mm and 83 live cartridges were recovered in 2013 compared to 2012 where 291 rounds of 7.62mm live ammunitions  and 9 rounds of 5.62mm and 31 live cartridges were recovered.
While briefing the Journalists on the arrest and recovery of stolen vehicle/motorcycle the commissioner aver that 40 vehicle were recovered in 2013 compared to 2012 where 25 motorcycles were recovered.
On fraud related offences the commissioner stated that 440 pieces of fake British Pound Sterling, in 5 Pound denomination were recovered  in 2013 compared to 2012 where no such recovery was made,He however confided that N21,000.00 fake Nigeria currencies  in one thousand Naira denomination were recovered compared to 2012 where no recovery  was made.
compol Umar Shehu asserted that 185 cases bordering on fraud were prosecuted in 2013 compared to 2012 where 302 were prosecuted , 43 cases of unlawful society were recorded and recalcitrant prosecuted in 2013 compared to 2012 where only 9 persons were prosecuted.
He confided that 41 cases of wanton  disturbances  were prosecuted in 2012 as against 220 persons inciting disturbances and disturbances of public peace were prosecuted in 2013,3 persons were apprehended in relation to  unnatural offences ,while  45 cases of rape/Indecent Assault  were prosecuted in 2013  compared to 2012 where 21 cases were treated by the command.
Shehu buttressed that the level of crime and criminality between 2012 and 2013  revealed a drastic decrease in crime rate in the state,He said  in year 2012 ,a total  number of 323 cases were investigated  and 307 suspects were prosecuted  and convicted  while 8 cases are still under investigation.

In 2013 according to the commissioner of police 234 cases  were recorded  out of which a total number of 92 cases were successfully investigated ,prosecuted and convicted while 130  cases  are still awaiting trials as most of these cases are being handled  by the Attorney General  of the state.  

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