See Full List Of Number Of Persons Killed And Villages Attacked In Plateau As Released By CAN

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  • Christian Group Raises Alarm Over Plans To Attack Kaduna, Others,

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has released the full list of the number of persons died in the recent Plateau killings.

The Christian body also raised an alarm over planned wave of attacks to be unleashed on Southern Kaduna and other areas dominated by Christians in some states of the Middle Belt region.

In a statement signed by Pastor Adebayo Oladeji, spokesman to CAN President, Rev Dr Samson said Southern Kaduna Chiefdom and towns that include Gumel, Dagwarga, Daddu, Mariri, Kagoro, hotels, Open University and other soft targets, among others, are being targeted.

As he said: “While we are prone to dismiss these planned attacks as products of figments of imagination, we are, however, constrained to call the attention of President Muhammadu Buhari and other security agencies to be aware and take precautionary measures.

“Having witnessed unprecedented human carnage on the Plateau, we call on President Buhari to place the security agencies on red alert in order to avoid a similar recurrence.

“While we are happy at the statement credited to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo that perpetrators of the Plateau carnage would not be allowed to escape justice, we are quick to remind and appeal to the Federal Government to at least stand by its promise to ensure that these blood-thirsty herdsmen are brought to book to face the full wrath of the law.

“As the umbrella organisation for all Christians in Nigeria, we are at pains at the tragedy that has befallen our members. We mourn the death of over 200 Christians slaughtered on the Plateau at the weekend and we passionately appeal to the Buhari-led Administration to rise up and put a stop to further killings of innocent people, including defenseless women and children.

“Following the killings that took place on the Plateau, CAN has obtained reliable information on the number of dead as recorded in B/Ladi & Riyom LGAs from Sat. 23rd to Monday 25th June, 2018


“1. Gashish District:

-Nhyer – 80

-Exland(G/Akwati) – 40

-Ruku – 34

-Kakuruk – 6

-Kuzen – 5

Total – 165


  1. Ropp District:

-Gana Ropp – 34

-Razat – 1

-Kwang Jot Near Gen. Hospital (Takwok) – 1

-Rakwok – 2

Total – 38


  1. Bachi District:

-Shonong – 8

Total – 8


  1. Riyom District:

-Kwi – 1

Total – 1


  1. Heipang District:

-Chit Heipang 2

Total – 2


  1. Vwang District:

-K-Vom Vwang Jos South 1 (OPSH Killing)

Total – 1


7.Zawan District:

-Anguldi – 3 (OPSH Killings)

Total – 3

Grand Total – 218 deaths

“Apart from the total number of the death, there are still missing persons. Many people also sustained various degrees of injuries.

“Villages that have been under constant attacks are:

  1. Tanjol Jol, Riyom LGA
  2. Rim, Riyom LGA
  3. Wereng, Riyom LGA
  4. Kwi, Riyom LGA
  5. Bangai, Sharubutu Ward, Riyom LGA
  6. Kyeng, Dum, Sharubutu Ward, Riyom LGA
  7. Lwa, Shonong Ward
  8. Gassa, B/Ladi
  9. Lokajoro, Ropp B/Ladi
  10. Kwang Jot, Ropp B/Ladi
  11. Rakwok
  12. Rakung B/Ladi

13 Sho, B/Ladi

  1. Razat
  2. Tabam, Heipang B/Ladi
  3. Chit, Heipang B/Ladi
  4. Rafan, Fan B/Ladi
  5. Tafan, Fan B/Ladi
  6. Nding B/Ladi
  7. Gana Ropp
  8. Kuzen Gashish, B/Ladi
  9. Exland Gashish, B/Ladi
  10. Shwei Gashish, B/Ladi
  11. Nhyer Gashish, B/Ladi
  12. Kuzen Gashish, B/Ladi
  13. Kakuruk Gashish, B/Ladi
  14. Tenti, Bokkos
  15. Daffo, Bokkos
  16. Ruku Gashish, B/Ladi
  17. Darwat, Jol Ward, Riyom
  18. Tashek Jol Ward, Riyom
  19. Wereh(Dorowa Babuje) Ropp B/Ladi
  20. Lobiring Ropp, B/Ladi
  21. Sho Ward Ropp, B/Ladi
  22. Tarai Jol, Riyom
  23. Vwak Jol, Riyom
  24. Dakku Jol, Riyom
  25. Loton Jol, Riyom

Villages sacked in Bokkos LGA:

-Hurti village in Mangunna Ward

-Josho Village in Daffo Ward

-Morok Daffo Ward

-Ganda Mandung Daffo Ward

-Hotom wurrim Daffo Ward

-Na kudung Daffo Ward

-Fara Dong Hai in Daffo Ward

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“CAN calls on all security agencies to wake up to their constitutional responsibilities of protecting lives and property. We urge them to be pro-active in doing their jobs. Mobilising troops and policemen after the havoc has been done does not make sense. A government that cannot protect the citizens is a failed government.

“CAN is, once again calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to replace all the security chiefs and the Inspector General of Police because they have overstayed their welcome. It is ridiculous and embarrassing that in the last three years, none of these criminals have been apprehended, detained, arraigned and convicted.

“This is what is emboldening them to kill the innocent with impunity. We are approaching a state of anarchy faster than we can imagine. Why are we following the footpath of Rwanda daily with these unprecedented killings and mass burials when we are not at war?


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