Security Issues In Nigeria – Way Forward.

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Security challenge in Nigeria has clearly exposed the ineptitudes of both our political class as well as our military unit.
The political class has failed Nigeria in specific terms.
They have been unable to heed to advice from the public on the need for good governance. Unable to develop basic ideas on good governance. Unable to create basic social infrastructures for the citizenry.
Do we need to loose souls before things take shape ?
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Imagine the Lokoja – Abuja road mishaps.

Consider the issue of armed robbery attacks on our highways with impunity.
Look at the issue of kidnapping everywhere.
Imagine the rate of unemployment in Nigeria.
Consider the massive votes on security at the expense of genuine development without any corresponding improvement on the so called security.
Our leaders both past and present lack focus on good governance with the exception of just a few.
How long shall we wait for innocent souls to be waisted before positive actions are taken ?
The answer is simple :
Security issues must be handled scientifically.
Deployment of CCTV ie Close Circuit Television Cameras must be effectively implemented throughout the length and breadth of Nigeria including the forest.
Forest Guards should be reintroduced into the Nigerian Security System.
All the State Security Directors; Police Area Commanders; and Police Commissioners that have served within the troubled areas without nipping the security challenges in the bud or reporting same to the appropriate military authority at reasonable times must be recalled for dicisive punishments.
The Military Intelligence Unit must be strictly overhauled.
All the officers who have served in the Military Intelligence Unit should also be recalled to give account of their stewardship and get appropriate sanctions where necessary.
The lives of Nigerians should no longer be toyed with at the expense of the tax payers sweat.
Any State Governor or Politician who chooses to play politics with the security situations of this country should be arrested with immediate effect.
The President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces should declare total war on insecurity and act accordingly.
An egalitarian society involves a government that must be democratic; and authoritarian where necessary with a little display of laissez faire attributes occasionally.
Nigeria and Nigerians have had enough of insecurity challenges.
All the security outfits must sit up and justify the salaries they collect from our commonwealth.
We must either get serious now or be prepared for the menace of the notoriety of insecurity.
I candidly advise that Election Campaign Committee or Election Debate Committee be set up in the office of INEC ie Independent National Electoral Commission (if not already in existence) to scrutinize the political party manifestoes.
The manifestoes of the political parties must address all the basic challenges in Nigeria.
If a political party is not in any meaningful way prepared to offer verifiable and acceptable solutions to Nigerian structural challenges, the party should not be registered for election irrespective of any foul cries from the supposed party supporters.
Compliance on the party manifestoes should be monitored by a unit in INEC’s office for the purpose of withdrawing the electoral certificate issued to a failing or a failed politician after a careful examination of his/her performance in office.
INEC must be seen as an umpire to handle serious electoral issues.
The immunities of the President as well as the Governors should be reviewed such that certain actions of the Executive could be queried by any concerned Nigerian at the law courts.
Every Judge that gives judgements based on favoritism or nepotism should be sanctioned as being practised currently in our judicial clean up exercise.
Surely, there is hope for Nigeria.
God bless Nigeria !
Olusegun Babatunde Bamgbade

H.O.B. Housing Estates.

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