Search Any Police Officer Before He Or She Searches You, In Your House/Car-Inspector General Of Police

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Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris has said that police officers must first surrender themselves to be searched before they search Nigerians, as he said that is the “procedure.”

The Inspector General of Police hinted this yesterday in an interactive session with Nigerian on Twitter, through the hashtag #AskThePolice.

“If an officer wants to search you in your house/car, he must first surrender himself for searching. This is the procedure. Ask politely,” he said in response to a question.

Asked if it is legal for police officers to search people’s phones without warrant, the IGP said: “It is not ideal for Officers to search your phones without a complaint. It is not professional.

“Officers have been lectured not to unnecessarily search people’s phones without any case or complaint against the person.”

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