Adamawa APC Crisis: Disaster Awaits Adamawa APC If Ward Congress Results Are Not Cancelled – Nyako

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Adamawa Senator Abdullaziz Murtala Nyako has said that the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Adamawa, faces disaster except the controversial ward Congresses held was canceled.


According to Abdullaziz Nyako, he frowned and faulted the way and manner the ward Congresses was conducted in Adamawa where many whom he said labored to install APC in the State were disenfranchised.


Speaking he said the injustice was obvious to the extent that people became concerned across the state, adding that issuance of forms was deliberately delayed.


Nyako said; “The All Progressives Congress (APC) ward congresses that were conducted on May 5, 2018, across the country were marred by irregularities and untimely issuance of forms.”


“That of Adamawa was intimidation and injustice to the extent that it attracted lots of opprobrium by the people across the state.”


“For instance, forms were issued out late to certain candidates who were willing to contest for the EXCO at the ward level.”


“Some were outrightly denied the opportunity; meaning that they would not be allowed to vote for candidates of their choice during the August /September primaries.”


According to him believes and is optimistic that the Party’s national leadership would intervene, saying that other party supporters should join hands before it becomes late.


“Politicians at the national level felt there was no point in destroying what they had sweated to build in just one moment of injustice hence they are calling on well-meaning party supporters to come to the rescue of the party.”


“These are people who were involved in the dethronement of PDP and enthronement of APC in the state.”


“Disenfranchising them from a crucial party process like the ward congress is detrimental to the internalisation of democracy which the party needs to survive the turbulent waters of party politics in Nigeria.”


He expressed disappointment that the anti-corruption stance of APC was not exemplified by its executives.


“The anti-corruption stand of the party was not reflecting on its executives, whom they said was betraying the trust of the leaders of the party.”


“They felt this development was not healthy for democracy since corruption was not only on financial shoplift but also denying their right to vote was part of it and will spell doom for the party.”


He called for Mr. President’s quick intervention, saying that Adamawa should not be allowed to lose outcome, 2019.

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