Scarcity Of Water Hits Gombe After Boko-Haram Attack Kalshingi H Jedidah

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Following the recent terrorist attack launched in Gombe by the Boko haram Islamic sect, residents of Gombe metropolis have been thrown into hardship as a result of immense scarcity of water following the shutting down of the Dadin Kowa Water Dam which is the the  only  source of water supply in the city.
Some residents within Gombe metropolis who spoke to our reporter said they have been thrown into serious hardship as a result of water scarcity ever since the attack by  the insurgents. Many residents lamented that currently people are solemnly depending on water tankers and water vendors as their only source of water supply which is not sufficient and costly, calling on government to intervene with immediate effect.
Mr Marcus Musa resident of Tumfure quarters where residents usually buy water for their livelihood even before the attack lamented that, as a result of scarcity of water residents have to pay the sum of N200 more on the normal price to get their tankers filled. According to him such situations has only added to their suffering. Calling on the government to fulfil its promise of ensuring adequate water supply to every part of the city.
“Even though we are used to buying water, but this situation has added to our plight. Currently, you will hardly get the water vendors to supply you the water apart from the added price of N200 to the normal price, now I have to pay N1,500 to fill my overhead tank which is not up to 2000 litres.  I was late at office as result of this scarcity of water and this is not a sweet experience at all .” He added.
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Hajiya Munirat Yusuf, a food vendor lamented that the scarcity of water has affected her business. She said ever since the deadly attack by Boko Haram, water has become a very scarce commodity, according to her many businesses have been crippled as a result of the situation.
When journalists contacted the General Manager State Water Corporation Eng Isa Mohammed, he confirmed the situation, he explained that it was a necessary action taken by the office to shut down all water supply with a view to safeguard their facilities and the lives of the staff from the insurgents.
He explained that, the insurgents came in to the city through Dadin Kowa town where the Water Treatment Plan is situated, adding that on hearing the news about the coming of the insurgents they immediately directed all staff on duty to shut down the pipes and run for their lives.
While responding on the rumor making the round that the insurgents have infiltrated the water source, Mohammed said it was a mare rumor. Adding that there was no way  a water with a high volume of over1.6 billion could be contaminated.
According to him the state government is currently working towards expanding the water scheme with a view to ensure adequate water supply in the state. The manager however decried the lack of sufficient power supply which according to him was responsible for the inability for adequate water supply in the state.
” The state government is taking a plan to expand the water scheme but before then we need constant power supply to enable us to supply the water sufficiently. I think government is also working towards ensuring the Dadin kowa Hydro Power Plant this will enable us to supply water in all parts of the city.” He explained.
It could be recalled that, the Boko haram terrorist group has launched an attack in Gombe, a situation that left many residents in fear, and hardship such as scarcity of water. Other roads linking some nearby communities with the state capital have been blocked by security operatives.

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