Scandal Rocks TETFUND Over Missing N200 Billion

20 11
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TETFUNDThe sudden disappearance of the sum of N200 Billion from the Tertiary Education Trust Fund, TETFUND, is currently giving officials headache and might be a subject of an intense investigation, gathered.

TETFund are managers of multi billion Naira fund for the development of tertiary institutions across Nigeria.

Very credible inside sources told that top members of the former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration may have to explain to security agencies how they pressured the Executive Secretary of TETFUND into releasing the sum of N200 Billion.

Sources told that few months to the elections, some unnamed members of the previous administration wrote several letters to the leadership of TETFUND soliciting for financial support towards the elections.

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The letters according to a source, emanated from some senior Government officials whose position, the leadership of TETFUND could not ignore.

A member of the TETFUND board recently dissolved by president Mohammadu Buhari told that while they deliberated on some of the financial requests made, the board was still at a loss how N200 Billion disappeared from TETFUND accounts.

The former board member who does not want his name in print disclosed that what is known to his colleagues is that the Executive Secretary of TETFUND, Professor Sulaiman Bogoro spends millions sponsoring political activities of his godfathers to keep his job.

“We are still shocked at the disappearance of the N200 Billion from TETFUND account. But one thing that we know is that the ES sponsors so many political activities that runs into millions and I wont be shocked if the N200 Billion is part of it,” the former board member told

Sources hinted that TETFUND is like the proverbial cash cow where Politicians from the peoples Democratic Party, PDP, often go to for cash. Musa Babayo, a chieftain of PDP who until the dissolution of the board was Chairman has had several months of friction with the Executive secretary over financial matters.

Sources said both men fought severally over who controls funds. Another insider told that the Executive Secretary is currently in quandary over how to defend the disappearance of the N200 Billion when called upon by Security Agencies to do so.

Only recently, a petition by an anti graft NGO, Transparency Crusaders, called on the President Buhari prevail upon the EFCC chairman, Ibrahim Lamorde and the ICPC boss, Mr Ekpo Nta , to investigate officials of the Tertiary Education Trust Fund.

The petition, alleged amongst other things that, since his appointment as the Executive Secretary, Professor Bogoro has been working in defiance of directives from the chairman of the board of the fund, Alhaji Babayo by creating a cartel that sleazes the fund in active connivance with some bank officials.

According to them, all the funds classified as un-accessed, and even those claimed to have been remitted to the beneficiaries were often left with banks to yield interest, which were often raked off by TETFund officials, before the returns are made to the Executive Secretary, through his confidants.

Describing as bogey, the recent disbursement of N135 billion to government owned Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education, the anti graft agencies were invited to look into the operations of the accounts of TETFund domiciled at ECOBANK and two other third generation banks to verify the transactions on the funds since it was disbursed to TETFund about three months earlier, and why it was kept for long in the banks until the time of election.

They alleged that, TETFUND Executive Secretary was fond of sponsoring the political activities of some politicians, especially in his home state, and also paying heavy ransoms to his political godfathers, by dolling out millions from the coffers of the establishment, even as he allegedly used the funds to oppose President Buhari emergence, by openly supporting Jonathan’s PDP.

Other allegations levelled against the management of the Fund is that, most contractors handling major TETFUND contracts across the country were either stooges of the Executive Secretary or his godfathers, who were awarded the contracts through Bogoro’s instrumentality, and who make returns appropriately.

Professor, the petitioners alleged that Bogoro has been fanning the embers of religious politics in the North-East sub region, and may have equipped some youths to execute his religious agenda, using politics as an alibi.


  1. Isaiah Dogara Mags says

    I refer this as selfish and religious sentiment from our ilitrate north-east muslim assembly….

    1. manga says

      You are one of his boys stupid extremist

    2. Ahmed Ibahim says

      You must be from Bogoro in Bauchi State. The inside of the History of Tafawa Balewa crisis and mistake of Gov Mu’azu not to settle the displaced from Jos in Tafawa Balewa which very few know about will continue to hunt the Culprits. It always suprise me how little is known by Nigerians about the Crimes of the people over there. The likes of Dr writer nearby couldnt help. Your people couldnt respect right to life and other freedom rights. You have no authority to call your brothers there illitrates. The have been your light. Pls be human and avoid sentiment.

      1. Andara Ali Mbishida says

        You amazed me by your shallow knowledge of the happening in Tafawa balewa and Bogoro, yet you voice out. what crimes did anyone form these LGA committed and how did they disrespected human right?
        It seems you are the one who is more sentimental here.

  2. All INUWA isa coach says

    with all this progress .some people are after this great men in tetfund .they have done wonderful work. go to all our institutions. and see for yourself.

  3. Dapo says

    This is obvious cheap blackmail, haba! Tetfund’s money is not that cheap, moreover, the works at the beneficiary tertiary institutions speak volumes of its utilization. The Board may be more culpable than the ES if matters are to be investigated because he can’t do anything without their knowledge. Cheap blackmail! Stop it!

  4. Dr. A. A. Tafida says

    No mercy at all. That is why some Nigerians are not thinking of death at all.

  5. Aminu Danhassan says

    The efcc chairman start investigation immediately with out delay to justify this claim or otherwise.

  6. Muhammad bello abdulkadir says

    he get back of our money

  7. Alexander Lambert says

    A cheap blackmail, this man has spread projects’ across the nation institutions.

  8. Elisha C.Ezekiel says

    What a blackmail! Professor Sule is a man of integrity, such a thing can’t be done by him.
    I can see projects executed all over tertiary institutions in the country.

    1. weareone says

      How possible! All names that sound Christian are for the ES Tetfund and those that sound Islam are against him. A divided nation, can it succeed? No! A poorly educated citizens, my God.

      1. Moses says

        U lied my frnd, are Elishah,Alexandra and Thomas Muslims? But they supported the ES. Pls wake-up

  9. Kwablang says

    Cheap blackmail! But the blackmailers should remember that God defends those who are unjustifiably attacked.

  10. Nyarim musa says

    The good Lord he served will never leave him.Nigeria you can’t do with out basayi man okey.

  11. SJ-Madaki says

    We know you better, you can only tell them (blackmailers) that you are saying the truth. I vividly remember that the past Governor of the state stated it point black that the people, where the ES comes from, should be wiped out.
    So it is not a new thing to us hear, we have been accommodating you with this your habit of religion and tribal sentiments.
    We are Nigerians and we also deserve places as such if we worth it through academic qualification.
    Please let us be you jobless Pythons. And mark you that nothing a mare mortal can do he that God ordained. Give peace a chance and crape the hate that runs our bloods. The seat also fit us, because it was not only meant for a particular clan or region or even religion.
    I rest my case.

  12. Billy yahaya says

    In life,when enermies starts complaining,harassing and plorting against u, then you are progressing. Therefore, let them talk, nothing will shake u prof. Bcs,we can see development accros our tertiary institutions all over the country.dnt mind them pls, carry on with your gud work.

  13. Mida H. Mayel says

    Even from the “foncet orego” religious bias has been the practice of those against Prof S. E. B(ES)! They wrote a petition against Prof. virtually a month after his appointment,simply because Prof. is a Christian(from Bogoro)! Wait, is the seat supposed to be for a particular religion? No! Now, to their shame, Prof. has identified himself a round peg in a round hole. Pls, let’s put off religious sentiments, fellow Nigerians! Well, let them forge ahead with the investigations and I know the false allegations will soon be dismissed! God will definitely defend the course of the just, I can bet my bottom dollar on it!

  14. Nakowa Rabiu Mohammed says

    Well i think we should not just jump into conclussion here, we all are learned as such we should not be sentiment or bais over religion or over some selfish interest, the truth is dat the chairman and the Es are nice n very hard working people dat even merit an award, dat i can beat my chest for, so far we all knw what tetfund has done in all the unity schs n tartiary institutions as well in the past yrs in GEJ administrations with the same missing 200 billion dat we all talking about. So pls we should be careful on how we throw words to some innocent gud leaders of dis great country of Nigeria.

  15. Basiru Musa says

    Prof. Suleiman Ellias Bogoro is inflexibly just and upright and also detribalised. One of the best minds, Nigeria has ever produced, development of education wise and advancement of people regardless of religious, political, ethnic background or geographical location. Let there be a just probe and I have every confidence to assert that Prof. Bogoro would come out clean, exonerated and even stronger.

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