S-East S-South Network (Sessnet) Gives FG Ultimatum On Restructuring

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  • May opt for self-determination if…

The South‎-East South-South Network (SESSNet) has given The Federal government of Nigeria no later than December 2017 to restructure the country or risk intense global agitation for self-determination in the South East and South South region.

The group also called for establishment of a Committee that would determine which areas need to be restructured in the country with immediate effect.

This was stated in statement issued by the group and made available to newsmen.‎

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The statement reads; “‎‎For decades Nigeria has faced existential crisis due to the circumstances of its arbitrary creation and the added phenomenon of successive bad leadership.

“The crisis of nationhood has continued unabated and in recent times has assumed frightening dimensions with the proliferation of secessionist groups across the country, including IPOB, MASSOB, OPC, LNC, Niger Delta AVENGERS, RONDEL.

‎”The scenario is further compounded by Nomadic herdsmen and Boko haram militia; the world’s 4th and 1st deadliest terrorist group’s seeking to create an Islamic state across the North nay Nigeria.

“The nation is plagued by ethno-religious divisions and violence particularly by terrorist groups on one hand and by the security services at a scale and scope surpassed only by the Nigeria-Biafra war.

“Consequently; state failure has intensified with Nigeria being declared the 13th most failed state in the world and the 8th most failed state in Africa by the fragile states 2017 report.

“There is no denying the fact that the nation’s structural deficit/unitary structure is the single biggest contributor to the nation’s ever increasing existential crisis.

‎”In the light of the above; it is self-evident that the restructuring of Nigeria is a task that must be embarked upon urgently, if only to save the nation from impending collapse.

“It is our considered submission that the federal government must take practical steps to restructure Nigeria latest by December this year.

“That a committee or commission for that purpose be established immediately which will examine the 1999 constitution as amended with regards to the exclusive and concurrent lists, the derivation formula and other such structural/constitutional issues in order to determine aspects of restructuring/devolution that can be commenced immediately and other aspects that can be staggered on a transitional basis.

“That the 1967 Aburi Accord, 2014 confab reports and other such reports already provides fundamental templates for restructuring the nation.

‎”That above measures are the irreducible minimum to save the nation from imminent collapse, to begin the process of renewal, reconciliation, reconstruction and re-engagement.

“That if by December the federal government has not taken aforesaid practical steps to restructure the nation, SESSNet shall convene a South-East/South-South Consultative Assembly to consider self-determination.”‎

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