Rural Electrification Agency MD Promises Better Improve Energy Projects To Rural Communities In Nigeria

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Yakubu Busari

The Managing Director of Rural Electrification Agency  (REA)  ,Mrs Damolola Ogunbiyi has reiterated the  review of NACOP implementation of task team PRS power on efficient lighting will be use by 40% of the households in rural ,urban in Nigeria.

Mrs. Ogunbiyi stated this during the 3rd National council on power (NACOP) held in Jos, Plateau state.

With the Theme completing power sector reforms she said the intervention of N702 billion to the power sector through the CBN as a loan to the Nigeria bulk electricity trading PLC ,NBET, to securitize the operation of the GENCOs, she explained.

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She however, cautioned that the initiative have been criticized in some quarters as a partial solution ,because it ensures that the GENCOs are paid for power generated and supplied without addressing the retail pricing of power by making it cost reflective.

Mrs Ogunbiyi emphasized the FGN should consider the establishment of a clean Energy fund to be deployed to promote the use of solar and other renewable energy .

She added ,”energy efficient appliances like LEDs ,clean cook stoves and LPG, mini grids and off grid energy projects which funding can come from Ecological funds and other FGN and state sources.

According to her, these funds will be made available as single digit rates and spread over a reasonable period of time ,may be extending up to five years .

She lamented that there is need for structure and coordinate energy data collection so as to enable informed target setting as regarding low carbon budget and project implementation ,in the sector as what is not measured can’t be managed.

Mrs Ogunbiyi disclosed that the energy management system protocol could be adopted in the industrial sector to provide data which will served as a benchmark for a scale up adoption of energy efficiency in the industrial sector on the hand .

She said the power sector in collaboration with industrial should set compliance target for the replacement of inefficient motors ,boiler .

The specific annual contributions of donors and development partners should be identified and captured in the budget to ensure transparency and accountability and prevent double budgeting ,duplication .

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