Revealed: The Untold Story of Nasarawa Ghost Towns, 2015 General Election and Matters Arising By Rabiu Omaku, Lafia

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Daddere Town Remains a Ghost town after the crisis

The filth surrounding the ethnic and communal conflict in Nasarawa state has come and gone but the Internally Displaced Persons has continue to count their loses, The ethnic violence between Ombotse militia and other tribes including the Alago’s, Migili  and communal conflict that erupted between Fulani pastoralist and Eggon farmers.

Apart from lives lost, valuables including public properties ranging from schools, Primary Health care and worship houses were set ablaze. One of the most distraught town which remain an apparition town is Tudun Odubu an Alago settlement with over 1000 household were burnt to ashes by Ombotse militants, The dark cloud lingering in the sky is yet to settle as people within the inhabitant are still seeking refuge in  neighboring states.
Daddere Town Remains a Ghost town after the crisis
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The worst part of the crisis was that famine and hunger looms following the annihilation ravaged on food and cash crops by people identified to be Fulani pastoralist as this also portends a great peril to the entire state, Few months after, the aftermath of sporadic assaults  on harmless communities, the efforts of the government of day remains little or no effect at all, as despite the mouth-pouring promises to bring  the perpetrators of the heinous crime  and their sponsors to book are not seen as all hopes are lost by the affected inhabitants.
Effect Of Ethnic And Communal Violence
The drop in the enrolment of students and pupils in the state, alone affect future generation following the closure of schools in crisis prone area.
It portray the state in a bad light, especially the killings of 104 security agents, as confidence is lost amongst the diverse ethnic groups, other things include the grounding to a halt, socioeconomic activities.
Moreover, the introduction of religious and clannish politics continues to see as a danger to the peace of the state.
another town that is now a shadow of its own, 
Moreover, chunk of money voted for security in the name tackling the current insecurity in the state, has not yielded any results as most of these funds has entered into wrong hands, moreover this monies would have been used in a better place such as the construction of schools ,Health, and revamping of power supply.
As it is, the government of the day under Governor Tanko Al-Makura and its of insincerity to tackle the ethnic and communal conflict metamorphosed to fully fledged war.
For instance, the absence of military formations at the volatile zones ignited the cacophony, and the recent call by Governor Al-Makura without providing security cover to the displaced persons to return to the war turn communities cannot stand the taste of time, apart from the security cover no single household remain standing in Tudun Odubu to provide shelter to a family.
Moreso, many questions beg for answers, such questions as posed by some people in the state; “What happened to the N100m monthly security vote? Was the money spent in the right channel? If yes why did the military withdraw their personnel from the volatile zone in recent times?
Debris of destroyed houses in Odubu, as remains a ghost town
The failure to implement the recommendation of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Alakyo killings and other matter that is connected with is a reminder that the commission was a total flaw. The crisis has political undertone as eyebrows were raised over the sponsors, abettors and financiers
It was widely accepted that two good heads are better than one head, but during the skirmishes the state governor was left alone to tackle the gory situation headlong, It could be recalled that despite the series of peace summit organized by the governor few stakeholders were in attendance, The reasons of their absence may not be unconnected to political differences which plunged the state into flame.
The turnout during the peace summit was not quit impressive as former governor, former and serving senators ,House of representatives members shunned the invitation  to ensure total peace in the state, Other politicians that turn down the peace summit are serving members of the state House of Assembly.
The Palace of Shangari which remains a shadow of its own after it was burnt down
The question that needed urgent answer is when is the state governor distributing zinc and other building materials as announced recently as raining season is fast approaching ?
Now that is election period who would how will the displaced persons vote for their candidate of their choice as some communities like Tudun Odubu remain a ghost town, despite the call on the ravaged communities to return home, If the attempt to return ,where is their abode ? And what will be their fate as they remain refugees in their fatherland, Even public properties like primary Health Care and schools are also razed down while roof of some schools were uprooted, Is it not high time governor Al-Makura talk tough and act tough on the issue of peace or losses his second term bid to the opposition.
Can the call for peace be feasible as some selected paramount rulers are residing outside their domain, the absence of traditional rulers’ also ignited crisis in the state, what is the state government doing to address this?
As it is now, the Internally Displaced Persons are left to wallow on their own, With the presence of former governors both military and civilian, former and serving senators, former and serving House of representatives members, both ex and serving House of Assembly members has made no donation, as they has also not made a visit to commensurate with family of people killed in the crisis.
As it is other  politicians that are victims of ethnic and communal violence are also the governorship candidate of the PDP, Yusuf Muhammed Agabi , he is a casualty on the ground majority of PDP supporters deserted their homes, Not only Eggon settlement were raided by Fulani’s but also his country home of Uggah was not left out of the conflict, Peace remain his cardinal point during his campaign rally.
Other movers and shakers that remain quit even at the heat of the crisis was the former minister of the Federal Republic, Labaran Maku whose relatives were consumed in what refers to as ethnic cleansing of the Eggons against other tribes in the state, His chances of clinching the governorship is bleak following the mass exodus of his tribal men and women seeking for refugee in neighboring states including the Federal capital Territory. The 250,000 PVC’s which has not been collected, remain the properties of people killed, maimed displaced in the unabated conflict .

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