Revealed: More Corruption In FCT Agency For Science And Technology, As Head Of Accounts Allegedly Connived With Director To Illegally Transfer Bursars

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Following the exposition that Federal Capital Territory, Agency for Science and Technology, is enmeshed in alleged corruption scandal that its staff are selling employment offers at the rate of N300,000 each, more revelations have emerged on more sordid corruption going on in the Department. has learnt that the corruption going in the FCT Agency for Science and Technology didn’t stop on the issue of selling appointment letters, but the Department unlawfully are carrying out transfer of personnel when it knows fully well that it has not power to carry out transfers without the permission of the FCT department of establishment and training, and also the FCT Treasury.

Speaking with this medium some aggrieved staff of the FCT Agency for Science and Technology who pleaded anonymity said that impunity allegedly going on in the Agency is enormous and that the FCT Minister, since he has already sanitizing the Ministry of corruption needs to extend his sledged hammer to the FCT Agency for Science and Technology over alleged corruption and illegal transfers going on.

According to sources within the FCT Agency for Science and Technology Department told this medium that; “the recent transfer of Bursars which involved four schools under the FCT Agency for Science and Technology, was just a smoke screen because the Head of Accounting  Musa Abdullahi was desirous of bringing one staff named Danboyi Yahaya to oversee one of the Schools as Bursar.”

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“Through the handwork of the Head of Accounts Musa Abdullahi and Director of the Agency, Mrs. Rosemary Umana the illegal transfer of Bursars involving four schools under the Agency was carried out without the knowledge of the FCT Treasury, as well as the FCTA Establishment and Training who are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the transfer and posting of staffs,” the source said.

This medium learnt that the making of Danboyi Yayaha who is just an accounting staff with the FCT Agency for Science and Technology Accounting department, who has no prior experience of what being a bursar entails, is allegedly to place him in one of the schools under the Department so that he will be bringing returns to the Head of Accounts Mr. Musa Abdullahi. learnt that with the above aim, the transfer of four Bursars under FCT Science and Technology was carried out illegally, a check at the FCT Establishment and Training as well as FCT Treasury by this medium shows that both departments were not aware of the transfer as it didn’t emanate from them.

Also more checks also reveals that both FCT Treasury and also the Establishment and Training of the FCT, has said the posting of the Bursars should be reversed, but since the order has been giving nothing has been done, the transfers of the Bursars has remained they was it made, even when it was conceived and done under illegality.

A copy of the posting letter seen by shows that the letter which was dated 22nd June 2016 and titled: ‘Letter of Posting’ was signed for the Director, but there was no name of the person that signed the letter.

With current sanitation measures put up by the FCT Minister, to sanitize the Ministry of corruption of all kinds, it is also expedient that Minister OF FCT Mohammed Bello stretches his sledge hammer against corruption to that department.


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