Revealed: Identity Of Rich Igbo Man That Stripped Naked At The Home Of His Debtor

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Few days ago ,the video of a naked IGBO MAN who went stark naked at the home of his debtor went viral of social media.

The video showed the man arriving at the entrance of the would be debtor whom he addressed as UKACHUKWU, before one could say Jack Robinson ,he had pull off all his clothes and went on ranting and cursing the man in his native language of igbo,to the surprise of the security guides,guiding the house.

He accused the man of owing him a large sum of money and the Ukachukwu of a man has been threatening to eliminate him.He vowed to disgrace Ukachukwu ,anywhere he sees him,even at the Airport.

CKN News has gone a step further to investigate and reveal the true identity  of the man .

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Our investigation has shown Chief Peter Nwedozie from Ogboji village in Orumba South of Anambra State.

Our investigation revealed that the man he alleged to be owing him is  into real estates,and a former former senator and gubenatorial aspirant in Anambra State  from Osumenyi village in Nnewi South of  Anambra State,Senator Nicholas Ukachukwu.

He owns the popular  Prince and Princess Estate in Kaura district of Abuja.

While we could not establish the amount being owned,our investigation revealed that it runs into millions of naira.Our source revealed that Mr Nwedozie resorted to the bizarre act after all attempt to retrieve his money has failed.

All attempt  to get Senator Ukachukwu’s side of the story before going to press failed.


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