Revealed: How Bauchi State Governor, Mohammed Abubakar, Son Shared Free Hajj Seats To Families, Friends And Cronies

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Abubakar-Gov-elect-At a time when Government at all levels in the country are seeking measures of reducing cost owing to the serious financial challenges the nation is indeed facing and at a period when governments at all level are also saying it is no more business as usual, some governments are still saying that it is still business as usual through their action and activities.

However, for Governor Mohammed Abubakar of Bauchi State who came into power under the mantra of change, has decided to forgo the change that brought him into power, by doing things that will not impact anything to ameliorate the sufferings of the people of Bauchi who voted him into power.

This medium learnt from a close government house source that, the governor has been sharing Hajj seats free to his cronies, families and acolytes even when he complains that the state is broke, that there is no money in the state.

This is a governor, who recently said that the state has no money, but he goes about sharing free Hajj seats to his friends, families and cronies, I can tell you that our Governor gave out ten Free Hajj Seats to his two wives, each of the wives received five free Hajj seats,” the source told this medium.

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“Not done with that, he also gave out four free Hajj seats to the Deputy Governor’s wife, three free Hajj Seats for the chairmen of the party in three zones of the state, meaning each zone got one seat, while his campaign coordinators in all the local governments in the state in the three zones got three seats also, that is each zone got one Hajj seats,” the Source said.

The Source also this medium that; “the APC’s State Executives were given two free seats, while his son Abdullahi Abubakar on Sunday gave out seven free Hajj Seats to his friends.”

But the irony of all this is that the same governor who is busy sharing free Hajj Seats recently requested a one billion naira loan approval from the State House of Assembly.

As gathered from an assembly source, he said; “Yes we got the Governor’s request seeking for approval for a one billion naira loan, according to him he said he wanted to use the money for the renovation of primary schools.”

The source further said that the Assembly members rejected it because the reasons given by the Governor was not genuine.

“What has he done with the money that has came into the local government purse from the federation allocation, we are aware that for the months of May, June and July, money accrued to the Local governments in the state for the three months are N2,257,259,210.9, N2,385,778,735.91 N5,224,100,077.92 respectively for the three months mentioned. Then why do he need a one billion naira loan for,” the assembly source said.

Even as that, the loan was supposed to pass through the State Executive Council, which we know has not been constituted as no cabinet member has been appointed.

States like Kaduna, said it saved N220 million for the state from the cancellation of sponsoring of Hajj by the state, states like Delta also has said that those that are well to do can sponsor whoever that want to go for Christian pilgrimages in the state but don’t have the money to go since it is a religious obligation, why can’t governor Mohammed Abubakar borrow a leaf from these states.

It is imperative that since the APC led Federal Government has cancelled sponsoring of Hajj and Christian pilgrimages, the state governors should also follow suit of which Bauchi is not an exception.

  1. Babayo says

    As the saying goes do as your taught but don’t do as they do!

  2. Shehu says

    Hahaha anayi munajin dadi, hmmm its jst d begning, we said wake wake bt they said sak. i like it.

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