Resign Now Tinubu, Tambuwal Tells Jonathan

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Leaders of the All Progressive Congress, APC yesterday in Kwara during the formal decalaration of Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed for second term in office, asked President Jonathan to resign, speaking Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the occasion said;  “I saw the sea of refuges caused by the Boko Haram insurgents and the lies coming from Jonathan’s administration. They have exhibited failure, lack of capacity, vision, creativity; the lie of yesterday is what they repeat today and it is what they will repeat tomorrow. They are lying to you.
“They are lying about the security; toying about the security of this country. I don’t have time to explain the logic of their lies.
“But if you control the armed forces and you are the Commander-in-Chief of the armed of the federal republic, why should any part of this country be under occupation? And you give us excuses every day. In any civilized country Jonathan should resigned. But if he will not resign, he should wait for our broom we will sweep them.
 “This is just the endorsement of Governor Ahmed; that he will be re-elected by the grace of God with the support of you people here and those outside there. The unemployment situation will be conquered by this administration of APC. We have the vision for the security of the lives of our children.
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“The thieves that daily steal your money have not given you any job; they cannot create jobs and they are starving states of funds to pay workers salaries. The best thing to do is to sweep them away through broom revolution. APC is a party of the masses. It now behooves you to begin a house to house campaign that this is a party of the masses.
“You had not seen Bukola and myself mounting the same podium campaigning for the same party before this time. This is a new beginning. This is a time of good things and tidings from us. We have brought good luck and commonsense revolution.
“Now it is time to apply commonsense revolution and it is about your lives. It is about your education, your jobs and about the security of this country. We stay together since independence and we will remain together. Any affecting any section of this country affects all of us.
“I want to thank all of you. Let me forget the protocol, because you are the votes. You are the people who must vote. We bring the greetings and respect of Lagos, Oyo, Osun, Ogun, Ekiti, Edo, Rivers, Akwa Ibom and the entire APC states in Nigeria.
“What I want to beg of you to be ready to defend for change. The race has started again. We have endorsed Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed for second term in office as he has performed creditably well just like his predecessor, Senator Bukola Saraki.”
In the same way, the speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal while addressing the APC supporters said; ‘’In Kwara state your political history is very rich. You have had the foundation of the political struggle of this state laid by our late leader, Dr Olusola Saraki. This structure that is being sustained by God Almighty who has always delivered Kwara to the right place.’’
‘’ I believe that this time around there will not be anything different. With the support of the people of the state APC shall form 100 percent the government in the state from the local council to state Assembly and to the government house. Eventually and ultimately the state has always been providing leadership in the politics of this country.’’he stressed.
When it comes to presidential elections, the Speaker said,’’ I am sure that the state will provide such leadership to the extent that we shall deliver this country to the government at the centre to APC’’.
‘’By voting APC at the centre you will be voting for prosperity and eradication of poverty. What we are witnessing today in Nigeria is not governance, but mis-governance. We are witnessing a system that does not have the interest of the people of this country at heart.I call on President Jonathan to resign from office because of all these misgovernance and the untold  hardship Nigerians are presently passing through.If he fails to do that  it is therefore incumbent on us as a people to turn en-masse and vote out Goodluck Ebele Jonathan come 2015. That will bring peace, progress and development of Nigeria’’ Tambuwal said.

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