Renaming Of Ibom International Stadium By Udom After Akpabio Is Distasteful

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akwa-ibom-stadiumOn Friday May 29, 2015 Deacon Udom Emmanuel, renamed the new Ibom International Stadium, otherwise known as the Nest of Champions, after his godfather and political benefactor, Godswill Akpabio during his illegitimate swearing in.

When we insisted that the political marriage between the duo was purely driven by egregious and greedy considerations, some folks called us unprintable names. Now, the chips are down and the mask has fallen off the face of Udom Emmanuel.

If the first decision taken by Udom is intended to massage the insatiable ego of Godswill Akpabio then we don’t need a prophet to tell us what lies ahead for the few months that Udom will be directing the affairs of Akwa Ibom State before the pronouncement of the Courts on the legality of his emergence.

We really feel sorry for Akwa Ibom State because we are getting into a worse reign of impunity and dictatorship. The Akwa Ibom of our dreams is certainly not the one being contrived by former Godswill Akpabio and his protege.

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We urge our people to remain vigilant as more destructive steps will be taken in the days ahead.


Inibehe Effiong

Convener, Coalition of Human Rights Defenders (COHRD).

[email protected]

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