Religious Bigotry And Ethnic Chauvinism In Nigeria

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Terfa Naswem

When you hear Nigerians talk about the religious cause (Christianity or Islam) you will think that they are sanctimonious special breed whose main resolve on planet earth is to adore God/Allah.

When you listen to Nigerians as they vow to die in defence of their faith (Christianity or Islam) you would be ashamed of yourself for being rebellious against the Almighty having had no fanatical zeal to defend his cause.

But when you see some of these very Christians or Muslims fight themselves out silly for ecclesiastical offices or egoism in God’s Holy Name/Allah, one begins to wonder whether or not their God/Allah is the same one whose messages to mankind are documented in the Holy Bible or the Holy Quran.

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Just search the Archives of the Criminals in Nigeria, you will be shocked to find out that Christians and Muslims have been and are among the drug pushers, armed robbers, kidnappers, looters of public and private treasuries, assassins, riggers of elections, bribe takers, perpetrators of injustice, selfishness, greed and so on and so forth. Then you begin to wonder if they are all not sheer hypocrites playing on the ignoramuses and gullible.


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