Reading The Riot Act To Extremist Groups And Rogue Regimes.

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The world is today up against  the dangers of imminent annihilation. Extremist groups have risen here and there creating a new world order and those who refuse to heed their diabolic whims and caprices are made to do so by force of arms. We are in a state of global anarchy with rogue regimes tacitly advocating illegal, violent and other extreme action. The Supra National Authority domiciled in New York, USA appears to be outliving its usefulness as proclamations emanating from there  are often  treated with disdain by some member countries. Into what dangers will this lead the world if one may ask?
Sometime last year on July 17 to be precise  everyone would recall  that a passenger plane was shot out of the sky in the ongoing political impasse and annexation of Crimea in the  embattled Ukraine by detachments of rebel  militia probably acting on orders from the Kremlin killing everyone on board.   This harrowing incident  only raised a big hue and cry among world leaders  without bringing  the perpetrators of that heinous crime to justice. Russia’s ignominious  role in international crimes  today earns her a horrible international image. With its vast sophisticated nuke arsenal,  she commits horrifying illegalities  with no country powerful enough to call her to order. With over 1,800 nukes on high alert   strategically atop long-range ballistic missile  stationed and positioned to be shot into the territory of its arch enemy, the United States and beyond  the world risks  the danger of global conflagration , one of the reasons the former exercises restraint in the face of every agonising provocation.
Iran has refused to suspend uranium enrichment in its mad quest for the bomb.  Crushing economic sanctions from the West  descended on the Islamic Republic, but she remains undeterred by sanctions  its desire to becoming important and powerful on the world stage. Sufficient evidence abounds  that she is building the bomb, but she insists that there is no military dimension to her nuclear programme. One had thought the coming of Hassan  Rouhane will ameliorate the strained American-Iranian  relations, but little did the world know he would be toeing the line of his immediate past predecessor because  as things stand the ongoing intransigence, implacable arrogance and standoff with the West particularly the United States will last  many decades all things considered.
There is no denying the fact that Iran has been caught red-handed in terror-linked activities calling to mind the backing she gives to Hamas. She has repeatedly threatened to wipe out Israel from the surface of the earth in her empty, meaningless rhetoric. Fortunately or unfortunately there is no one to call the rogue regime to order considering the danger she poses to the region and in fact the whole world.
In Syria and Iraq, for instance, we are faced yet with another huge problem by a Jihadist movement which is unleashing terror on defenceless civilians. Scores of people have been massacred by the ISIS having  extended their campaign to other parts of the world. The world faces the danger of imminent annihilation if every machinery is not put in place now  to stop the Islamic State militants who reports say have embarked on global Jihadist movement with their weapons of mass destruction hanging over our heads like the ancient sword of Damocles. No fewer than twelve people including journalists and policemen were slaughtered in Paris, France the other day which sparked off global outrage.
The rogue regime of North Korea tacitly backed by Communist China often threatens to attack the most powerful country in the world – the USA. She has transmuted into a holy terror in the region with ballistic  missile to hit neighbouring South Korea which speak volumes for the latter frequent military drill in the event of any attack. In its numerous acts of provocations,  she torpedoed South Korean ship killing all crew members on board. Heinous as the crime appeared at the period under sad review she went scot-free with only criticisms which she did not give two hoots about.
In Africa’s biggest democracy and largest economy, Nigeria the situation is better imagined than real. Politicians have transmuted themselves into terror machines to wrestle power from the ruling party. The ruling party on its part is being frustrated at every turn and oftentimes chided by bigoted critics  for handling  the situation in a tough and decisive way to nip their nefarious activities in the bud. Indecision and inaction are used to severely criticise the government. Part of Nigeria’s territory has been ceded to Boko Haram through the agency of saboteurs within the Nigerian military to make the President appear incompetent and incapable of dealing with the crisis on ground, a calculated gimmick to gain votes, unseat the ruling party and return power to the north.
Be that as it may, there is nothing wrong with doing this under a fair contest but it must not be at the cost of human lives because no fewer than  fifteen thousand people have been killed by the Islamist militants Boko Haram since the uprising began in northeastern Nigeria. It is a thousand pities saboteurs within the Nigerian military have made Nigeria – a  military power to be reckoned with  in the sub-Saharan Africa calling to mind her peace-keeping operations  around the globe – weak and  appears incapable of defending her own territory. This is a grave injustice that needs to be urgently addressed considering the insurgency which still rages like wildfire killing Nigerians in their hundreds and thousands in the embattled northern province.
Iyoha John Darlington, aka Lington Donovan a social activist, political analyst and public commentator on national and global issues writes from Turin, Italy.
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