Re – ‘Revenge Killings Worsening Security Problems In Southern Kaduna’ – Presidency

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Sabo Douglas Garba

My attention was recently drawn to a Press Statement by Presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu, deliberately aimed at laundering, or more appropriately, justifying the continues killings especially in the southern Kaduna axis.


Shehu came up with an uninformed statement purporting that Attacks in southern Kaduna are merely reprisals and that the presidency has done so much by drafting heavy security apparatus to the zone to forestall these killings. Unfortunately, Shehu failed to mention if the so-called measures taken by them have been able to checkmate the killings or not.


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From my last check, Garba Shehu’s measures have been more cosmetic as they are measures seen only on the  road sides while the carnages are still ongoing in the villages . A good example is the recent multiple attacks that engulfed the Adara Villages in Kajuru Local Government Area. Some of these attacks happened in villages while sounds of gunshots can merely be heard from the checkpoints manned by security men.


Less I forget, the Mobile Police Base cited in Kafanchan is more than an hour drive to the Miango Communities that have been under multiple attacks in Chawai Chiefdom of Kauru Local Government.


Another clear example is the Chibob village in the Atyap Chiefdom of Zangon Kataf LG that was recently attacked.


These attacks do not take more than 30 Minutes and yet Garba Shehu’s security are found an hour or two away. In fact, even if they were close, they may say they have not received an order to go to the scene.



Garba Shehu wrote and I quote “From available records, Southern Kaduna enjoys comprehensive security deployments, including the Army, Special Forces of both the Army and the Air Force, surveillance aircraft by the Air Force and mobile police units that are on the ground on a 24-hour basis to forestall criminality and keep the peace.”


He further said that  ‘Unlike other parts of the country, the problem of Southern Kaduna is more complicated than many critics are ready to acknowledge and understand.’ May I hereby inform Garba Shehu that most of those he refer to as critics are only victims who are only voicing out their frustration and that these killers are not found only in southern Kaduna as some ill-informed elites may perceive.


Only if Garba Shehu was not gullible to have consumed some quinine tasting pills of information  by some insular individuals who know nothing about Southern Kaduna nor the menace bedeveling the area. Maybe, yes, maybe, he would’ve made a little bit of sense.


It is surprising that Garba cannot fanthom the real cause of the senseless killings in Southern Kaduna for over 30 years. Incase he is not aware, ordinarily I would’ve  used this opportunity to school him a bit but I am sure that it will be of no use due to the fact that he has chosen what to believe and to also feed his Boss on the happenings in the middle-belt in general and Southern Kaduna in particular.


Let me make it clear that I grew up as a child watching these troubles grow in our land. In fact, my own grandfather Malam Lama Kuku, was said to have been Investigated, arrested and detained in Zonkwa Police Station severally during the Zangon Kataf Crisis of 1992 but later came out clean, whereas the real trouble makers were running daily to the then military government houses to sell a misleading dummy aimed at buying sympathy. With this, one can conclude same style is in play now when the real victims are left to bury themselves while the criminals, there allies and sponsors rush to people like Garba Shehu to sell a dummy. But then, the most unfortunate thing is the fact that  a man occupying a seat like that of Garba Shehu will be this gullible to inhale particles of hydrogen harmful to society.


His statement was clear in providing silly excuses as to why the so-called security apparatus has failed in their core mandate. Possibly, he forgot that down in the heart of those villagers, it is not the military or the police posted to Southern Kaduna that have failed, but his principal President Muhammadu Buhari whose responsibility it is to protect us all.


It is unfortunate that while people like me have spent over six years now trying to keep the APC afloat in our communities, the Garba Shehu’s and his co-travelers are making frantic effort to paddle our ship to the rocks.


The statement advised that people should avoid revenge in order to avoid further carnage. Well, do I need to remind the presidency that the only known thing the Southern Kaduna people have been doing right from the days of his predecessors is just lament, call press conferences, press releases and cry to high heavens? It is my earnest prayer that the real period for revenge should not come, as it’s effect can only be imagined; at least the 1992 Zango Crisis that shook the whole Northern Nigeria has taught us that lesson which we do not wish to have a return to.


The statement in the same manner condemned the recent attacks by bandits in Igali, Birnin Gwari and Giwa local government areas of the State and also urged  security agents to improve in their approach but deliberately refused to condemn the senseless killings in southern Kaduna which is the main reason for the press statement as can be seen even from the heading.


Besides, who needs the presidency to condemn killings? In my opinion, they should just bring this to an end and not sit in their cozzy offices, releasing one-sided statements.


As at the time of penciling down this article this afternoon, there are rumours of an attack going on in a suburb of Kafanchan. The area is called zunuruk, and it is just about 3 minutes drive from the Mobile Police unit in Kafanchan. an amazing twist is in the fact that there is a checkpoint with heavy police presence, which has been there for over two years. Today Wednesday 21/07/2020

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