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  • Setting Records Straight: Musa Azare’s Paroxysm.

It is disheartening for people who claim to be well-informed to resort to outright falsehood and mischief, all in a bit to pull down Gov Mohammed Abubakar Esq and to see his Government does not succeed.

It could be recalled that Musa Azare, ordinarily viewed as a respected blogger, took to his facebook page to publish what he titled “Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR On Your Proposed One Day Official Visit To Bauchi State” where he stated unfounded and outright mischievous allegations to dent the image of Gov Abubakar and his administration.

It could also be recalled that the President and Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, President Muhammed Buhari was billed to commission the newly built Airforce Base in Bauchi, on the 13th of December, 2016, a visit the presidency postponed due to an emergency international engagement. But alas, Musa Azare and cronies went round town shouting to whoever cares to listen that his mischievous open letter altered the itinerary of the C-in-C. How ridiculous!

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First off, President Mohmmadu Buhari’s visit was not at the instance of Bauchi State Government, but of the Nigerian Airforce. Hence, it is baffling how an open letter castigating Gov M.A. Abubakar Esq, will hinder the C–in-C from identifying with NAF.

It is worthy of note to state that the Government of Bauchi State being the host, as protocol demands, keyed in and requested Mr President to Commission some projects executed by Gov Abubakar Administration, to which Mr President obliged.

It is laughable for Musa Azare to state that the 500 units housing estate at Tirwum was a project executed by the past administration of Mallam Isa Yuguda. I challenge Musa Azare and/or anyone to come up with a proof of the most minute financial commitment by the immediate past administration of Mallam Isah Yuguda to the said project.

For the records again, the houses where built by a developer named LARIX, under an MOU signed with Bauchi state government in 2008. Part of the agreement reached in the MOU required BASG to provide land, infrastructure and other social amenities for the project. It is pertinent to state that provision of land here entails the payment of compensation, which Gov Yuguda Administration defaulted, as such, prompted the developers to threaten court action as not a single kobo was released as for payment of compensation. Musa Azare and indeed the general public would recall being treated to the details of transaction in respect of this project by an official of government, Muhammad Saif Abdallah on same social media platform.

As at now, BASG is the sole owner of the estate as the Government of His Excellency, Mohammed Abubakar Esq has payed all monies claimed for developing the estate to the current stage, including bank penalties as at when this agreement was reached.

We are still reiterating that the Government of Bauchi State is not averse to criticisms and will continue to listen to genuine opinions. What we find most appalling and rather not good in the interest of the state is the obvious barrage of baseless and outright mischievous criticisms by some people who seemingly do not want the present Government to succeed.

The General Public should be guided, please.

Yakubu Adamu

Special Assistant on Communications to the Deputy Governor of Bauchi State


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