Re: Breaking: Obasanjo writes Buhari

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There is a letter purportedly authored by President Olusegun Obasanjo to President Mohammadu Buhari that is making rounds on social media platforms at the moment. For obvious reasons, a lot of concern, excitement and energy is being aroused by the letter. Members of the public are hereby advised that, while some of the contents are indeed part of a letter written by Baba about 2 years ago, but for the most part, the letter in circulation has been reworded and is therefore, a “fraudulent mischief” intended to cause disaffection between President Buhari and Fmr President Obasanjo, as well as amongst Nigerians of goodwill who are coming together to pull the nation from the precipice.


  1. This WAS an open letter written on July 19, 2019 which content still remains germane, and which prayers as contained in the last paragraph seems apparently answered.


  1. President Buhari and Fmr President Obasanjo have never been at war, but only reiterated same goals by different means. The republishing of this piece at this critical time when the two leaders are gaining rapprochement therefore is no doubt aimed at causing mischief and disaffection; and to have further changed the date of the letter to read 12/06/2021 is being fraudulently mischievous.


  1. As we all now recognize that our country is passing through difficult times, any little personal differences the two leaders may have had, and those erected and sustained by political gatekeepers, have since taken a back seat in the interest of national survival. That is what bonded them together from the beginning in the first place, that’s what some of us have grown to see them do together all the while until miniature politics came in, and that’s what is bonding them again now at a time of national need. Together, they’re working to pull the country back from the brink.


  1. This is not a partisan affair, nor a Nigerian grouping of north/south, East/west, or a Nigeria of tribe, religion or region; it is a pan Nigerian team where every part of the country, every shade of opinions is represented equitably and justly, with President Olusegun Obasanjo given the honor to chair the team, which in itself defines its intent and goal given the indisputable standing of President Obasanjo as foremost nationalist of our time.


  1. All through history of nations that’s how it has always been – elite statesmen coming together for the sake of the state at a time of national difficulty! At such times of crisis, key stakeholders in society come together and create a convivial atmosphere to discuss and proffer solutions to what they deem to be major contentious issues afflicting society. The aggregation of such issues outlined by these key stakeholders will assist in setting in motion the process of a national dialogue as the basis for the resolution of the issues and conflicts at stake. I think this is the wisdom in creating a team that recognizes the heterogeneous nature of Nigeria, and the coming up with different but appropriate dimensions of various groups in proffering solutions to our problems.


  1. With what is now going on, it is clear to discerning minds that this is, not only the spirit of President Buhari towards President Obasanjo and other statesmen and stateswomen, but also of President Obasanjo towards President Buhari and other Nigerian statesmen and stateswomen. I believe this is how it should be if Nigeria is to be united, stable, secure and prosperous. I’m happy as l see hope for a great future. I pray and believe that Nigeria will get there sooner than later.


Umar Ardo, Ph.D

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