All About The Presidential Committee On The North-East Initiative (PCNI) And Its Mandate

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The establishment of the Presidential Committee on The North-East Initiative, PCNI President Muhammadu Buhari was done to serve as intervention in the North-East region in a bid to ameliorate the scale of the destruction created by the insurgency in the North-East. The Initiative Chaired by General Theophilus Danjuma (rtd), have mapped out strategic framework that is aimed at the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the North-East region.


What is the PCNI All About?

The Presidential Committee on the North East Initiative – PCNI was established by President Muhammadu Buhari to serve as the primary national strategy, coordination and advisory body for all humanitarian interventions, transformational and developmental efforts in the North-East region of Nigeria.

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What Is The Purpose of the PCNI

The PCNI is designed to oversee all remedial programmes aimed at addressing the crisis in the North-East since 2009. The initiative is also designed to achieve Peace.

Under the mandate of the PCNI, there is the Buhari Plan

What Is the Buhari Plan

The Buhari Plan is the blueprint for the comprehensive humanitarian relief and socioeconomic stabilization of the North-East as well as the return and resettlement of displaced persons. It is designed to achieve the peace, stability, socio-economic rehabilitation, reconstruction and long term sustainable economic development of the region.

The scale of the devastation wrought by the insurgency in the North East is unprecedented in recent Nigerian history. The challenge is to rebuild communities and restore normalcy to places that presently lie in total ruin. To marshal an equally unprecedented humanitarian response to the crisis that has affected an estimated 14.8 million men, women and children the Buhari Plan considered and incorporated relevant studies and research efforts by local and international partners, and the views of thousands of Nigerians in government and civil society into an 800-page framework for the North East.

Data Source: PCNI, The PCNI’s Mandate At A Glance

The Buhari Plan is the guiding document for all interventions in the region covering and harmonizing the activities of all stakeholders including civil society organizations, international development partners, philanthropists, state governments, local governments, the private sector, federal ministries, departments and agencies.

The Plan’s intervention initiatives will:


  1. Provide immediate relief to the people of the North East


  1. Rehabilitate and resettle IDPs


  1. Support the restoration of livelihoods


  1. Generate jobs


  1. Secure communities and drive infrastructure development


  1. Facilitate peace-building


  1. Revamp agriculture


  1. Resuscitate healthcare services


The PCNI is charged with ensuring the execution of the Buhari Plan and overseeing the framework through which all partners can channel their contributions cohesively, collaboratively and accountably for the greatest benefit of the region.


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