President Visit Ranks Governor Lalong Achievement Higher In Security, Social Wellbeing-Hon Benshak Dalop

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Yakubu Busari


An All Progressive Congress ( APC) ,chieftain ,Hon Benshak Dalop has said the President Muhammadu Buhari  visit to Plateau state has numerical benefit to the people of the state  and he  enjoy hitch free visit without challenges place governor as a great politician .


Hon Dalop gave this commendation to our medium while emphasizing on the important attached to the visit and town hall meeting in the state.


He said if the people of Plateau were not to gain from President they might made at later time or not a told but further facts that he came and saw some farms equipment ,security issue has been reduce to some minimal level .


Dalop stressed that the president is a thing of joy for coming to enjoy a hitch free visit to Plateau without security challenge and beside this you know that Mr. President made a commitment to look into financial assistant to re-scooping the money spent on roads from federal government roads in the state.


According to him, his coming is a testimony that the governor should lauded because his image at federal has boosted high, especially Dariye was rubbing his shoulder with President and if not for death of Yar’adua then Jang will have had serious battle with the president.


But Governor Lalong has done very well in inviting the president for a town hall meeting which many people alleged that it was control but let me assure you that if it was not control it will have been difficult for the president access or for security to control the marmot crowd trouping the venue, he explained.


Adding ,there is nowhere even in developed democracy that everybody will be allow to speak but Lalong extended the invitation to the opposition but Mr. president was ready and willing to see everybody in the state.


Dalop reiterated that very unfortunately it the time of town hall that this skirmishes were going on in Dafo, Dong areas of Plateau state is the president of federal republic he definitely needed a concise and precise reports which could be made available at the time.


He noted that it is really unfortunate that this thing took place but is not in the interest of anybody in the state nor the president himself.


Dalop expressed sadness that the whole is quite regrettable the issue of security is everybody concern.


He emphasized that is left for us as people to bring our heads together to fight this menace because the activities of hoodlums didn’t know the political parties or do they respect the economic and social standing of everybody.

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