“President Buhari Consider Yourself A Father And President Of Nigeria Not A Sectional Or Hausa-Fulani President”-Ogoni PDP In Diaspora

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buhari11The Ogoni PDP in the Diaspora is appalled by the remarks by President Mohammadu Buhari that he would favor those constituencies that voted for him overwhelmingly than those who didn’t vote for him in the just -concluded presidential election “… I will not treat Nigerians equally…” as reported in various news outlets. President Buhari was responding to a question posed by a white lady who observed that there was less or almost no reference to the development of the Niger-Delta in his speech during his just-concluded visit to the United States of America.

Making such divisive remarks and overemphasizing it not expected from such a President who campaigned with the slogan of ‘change’ because this is certainly not the type of change that Nigerians voted for or expected from such an experienced former Military Head of State.

We therefore seize this opportunity to call on President Buhari to take a cue from President Barack Obama who has served as the President of America and not a Democratic President or an anti-Republican President. It will be naïve for President Buhari to have expected all Nigerians to vote for him in any election.

We further appeal to the President to act as a Statesman who is committed to unity and peace in the entire country and not a sectional President committed to the dominance of the majority over the minority. It would be fair and would serve the President’s legacy well if he treats all citizens and sections of the country as equal and not brazenly declare that he will favor one section above others.

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