Plateau PDP Crisis: We’re Heading Towards Reconciliation To  End Feud-Hon Macham

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Yakubu Busari

We aren’t against any aspirant OR candidate of the party lawfully presented at any level, we are working toward reconciling all aggrieved faction members to ensure that the party clique the Plateau Southern senatorial seat.


The outcome of state, Local Government’s congresses had sparked off internal wrangling but after the judgment, the party is now restrategizing to chase away the ruling APC out of power but overwhelmingly supporting Hon George Daika for the forthcoming election.



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The spokesman of the PDP Aspirants in Plateau State Hon Emmanuel Macham has exonerated its members from rumours peddle round that his group is plotting for the disqualification of the party candidates at all levels including the 2023 general elections or plotting for a Zamfara scenario in Plateau State.


He said our mission is to correct the maltreatment and injustice that was a hatch on us, we absolutely have no issues whatsoever against any lawful candidate of the party emerging through wrong or right process at the moment and equally don’t have the capacity to replicate Zamfara scenario here in Plateau.


The rumors are an imagination of mischief-makers.


Prior to what is happening and the 29th, August 2020 charade call state Congresses.


I personally had a phone conversation with the Executive Chairman of Langtang North LGA Hon Joshua Laven Ubandoma, after the conversation he agreed to meet with aspirants from our side, as one of the leaders in the party.


He actually visited us, interacted, and listing to all the issues we had in contention, he personally acknowledges that germane errors had been done and promise to bring members of his committee that was set up by the Yakubu Chocho led the caretaker committee to interface with us.


He actually fulfilled his promise on 2nd, July 2020, by Meeting us with his committee members, which includes respected elected members of our party among them was Hon Dachung Musa Bagos, Member Representing Jos South/Jos East in the National Assembly and members of the state Assembly, Hon Timothy Dantong, Hon Bala Fwanje, Hon Esther Dusu, and other non elected members of the committee


First of all, we vehemently objected to the membership of the committee, among them were campaign Director generals of several Aspirants to the state Congresses from there side as Congresses committee members,e.g Hon Dio Lamu from Mikang LGC, was the campaign Director of Hon Chris Hassan and was a member of the state  Congresses committee, Hon Monday Kassa was the campaign DG of Mr. Akans and a member of the state Congress committee among several others.

To us, the Congresses was already compromised and rig, we again told the committee that, with Hon Mike Dachom as the committee Secretary, free and fair Congresses can’t be guarantee. These few scenarios were surprising to us and should be to every genuine lover of the party.

we raised our objection to it and agreed to speak with our elected members who are members of the committee.


Secondly, we complain directly to our elected Representatives for taking a side at the beginning of the crises that engulf the party, we condemn in strong terms their involvement at various stages, it was never good as leaders of the party among several other issues that were raised at the meeting.


Interestingly, the list displayed by the Hon Ubandoma’s committee had several Aspirants from our side omitted, about (26) Aspirants who genuinely obtained forms from the National headquarters weren’t in the purported list.


Hon Musa Bagos said and I quote”these issues you raised today, I have never heard of them, but I want to assure you, that I’ll convey them exactly as the are back to my colleagues, it is a very terrible infringement on human rights, if my colleagues insist on going ahead with the Congresses I’ll tender my resignation letter from this committee”

We are yet to hear from him.


To be fear to some extent” to my mind” the Hon Laven Ubandoma’s committee, made up of elected members, tried to ensure most of the grey areas are resolve before any Congress can be announced on the Plateau.


A few days later, information filtered to us that some members of the National working committee of our party of Plateau extraction were very angry and dissatisfied with the Ubandoma Lavens committee for tolerating us and even having any interaction with us.

That Hon Mike Dachom was drafted and made the Congresses committee Secretary perfect every unconstitutionality that was already done, that if Ubandoma isn’t careful? he will be relieved of the appointment.

The unverified source said all plans have been perfected to staged the state Congresses and the blueprint is in possession of Hon Mike Dachom.


That confirms our early fears in a very genuine way.


The source said all is set for the Congresses and nothing will happen,if we like we can go to hell.


We took several steps including reaching out to our leaders and stakeholders to inform them of our predicament, it will interest party members to note that:

1.Forms that were meant for every member to purchase at the state Secretariat were hurdled.

Funds were raised from 2023 intending Aspirants and elected members amounting to 40million Naira which were used in purchasing the forms and shared to only Yakubu Chocho led caretaker/ Aspirants, excluding us, we had to individually and personally purchase our own from the National Headquarters painfully.


2.The Chocho led caretaker committee/Aspirants constituted themselves into the Congresses committee, Aspirants screening committee, Congresses appeal panel committee among several other unconstitutional roles and perpetrated one of the world worst undemocratic illegal Congresses and have been struggling to legalize it.


3.We were again confronted with insults, name-calling and other inhuman treatment by the Chocho led caretaker/Aspirants committee at different stages.


No wonder their defends council submitted to the court that we aren’t members of PDP surprisingly.


Several other respected leaders who attempted to call for caution were label unprinted names on social media and other places by these personalities and the supporters.


4.We can’t be able to mention how several of our wards’ results were mutilated and illegally change to suit their motives with the support of highly placed personalities.


In fact, the chairman of the LGA Congresses Prof Gidado, who represented the Adamawa state Governor as chairman of the state and LGA Congresses, rescheduled LGA Congresses because of the alarming rate of covid 19, and the band place on gathering by the Plateau State Government, to the surprise of many party faithful, Hon Chocho led caretaker committee and his click hurriedly arrange some of their friends from neighboring states who came in and staged a surprise LGA Congresses, submitted a concocted list to the already arranged and compromised  National Organising Secretary.

It has become the subject of heavy litigations ongoing in various courts across the plateau today.


5 We wrote several letters to our elected leaders and critical stakeholders, including the national chairman of our party Chief Uche Secondus.

These letters have never been replied to or shown any concern from those addresses to.

It is even a surprise the role played by the North Central vice Chairman Hon Dakas Shan in sidelining us.


In the midst of all this predicament, we took the bold step to visit our critical stakeholders and intending Aspirants to inform them of our situation and notify them of our intention to seek legal redress against this injustice meted on us.

Incase if anything should happen in the future nobody should blame us, the result of which has started manifesting.


Many of the Chocho led Aspirants and their supporters mock us, claiming ownership of the Judiciary and dismissing us, as undergoing an exercise in futility, only to make a turn now labeling us as anti-PDP, etc.


We are undeterred, unshaken, and aware that our destination is doing the right thing from all levels.


The judiciary is proven to be a place of a common man.


The blessings from our supporters and those on the same page with us from wards, LGA, and state is enough motivation, we urge you to count on us, we shall never disappoint you, continue to pray and God will not abandon us.


We can’t be intimidated up to any level they so wish to appeal these fair judgments and others.


It is worthy to note that several other judgments have been pronounced against the party which include: Jos North, Yelwa Shendam, Panshin among others.


Macham said the road to justice is painfully requiring patience from every genuine member of the party wishing for unity amongst us.


I wish to repeat, this judgment is aim at uniting us for the task ahead, if properly utilized.


The Chocho/Chriss Hassan contraption is aimed at dividing us, which can only result in working against each other physically and otherwise as we are sharply divided against each other now he said’.

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