Plateau PDP Crisis Deepens As Sango Seeks Alternative Measures To End Feud With Chris Hassan

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Yakubu Busari


The crisis between the leadership of the People Democratic Party, PDP, has deepen ,with the PDP Concerned Unity  Group seeking alternative measures to end the feud by calling on Chris Hassan to vacate the secretariat of the party and allow Former Minister for Youth & Sports Hon Damishi Sango led leadership to spearhead the state chapter.



Spokesman of the group, Hon Dakas Nathaniel Dakas in an interview with our correspondent at the party secretariat on Tuesday urged the aggrieved parties to lay down their differences and give peace a chance to reign.


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He said as concerned unity group, they are not interested in the lingering crisis brewing within the members of the party but to ensure that no one can resolve illegality with what is happening now.


We condemn when some group of party faithful refused to follow the due process in addressing their crisis but warn those who illegally occupying the secretariat to urgently leave the environment before Friday.


Dakas reiterated that the Chairman, Hon Damishi Sango should be allow until the determination of investigation by the national working community of PDP


The Leadership tussle threatening the Plateau State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP is apparently creating a discharge atmosphere within the party and to a large extend the entire state, which if not properly handled, could cause skirmishes.


The impending threat is not far from the sacking of the Damishi Sango leadership and his Deputy, Amos Gombi over allegations of Corruption and misappropriation of Public funds, and subsequently appointment of the former vice Chairman, (North) Hon. Chris Hassan to man the affairs of the party.


The new dimension is that, the Sango support group have viewed the sanction against Sango led leadership as an affront to a Constituted authority and as such poises a worthy cause to meet resistance.


Already, a group Under the aegis of PDP Concern Unity Group on Tuesday staged a peaceful protest along the Party Secretariat in Jos, to  send warning signal to the Chris Hassan lead group to vacate the the Party Secretariat on, or before Friday for the interest of peace.


The protesters were carrying placards with inscriptions; Sango is still our authentic PDP Chairman k, among others.


Addressing Journalists shortly after the protest, leader of the group, Dakas Nathaniel Dakas alongside the Youth leaders, Mike Nyako and Chollom Haruna said they that have completed arrangements to lead D.T Sango to reclaim his office on Friday.


According to them, the action is informed by the fact that since after the purported sacking of Sango and Co, the National Secretariat of the party had sent a delegation and advised the Chris Hassan Exco to maintain status quo pending the outcome of the investigation, but have seized to comply.


They added that there concern is that let the due process be followed, in as much as they do not encourage corruption, SANGO should be investigated before any action. “Two wrongs can’t make a right, why the Chris Hassan group refused to adhere to the advice of the National Secretariat?”.


“We have called you here to help us tell them those illegally occupying the PDP Secretariat led by Chris Hassan who claimed to impeach authentic Chairman, D.T Sango to vacate the office on it before Friday because we are going to escort SANGO to reclaim his office on Friday.


“Our elected Governor, and Elder statesman, Distinguished Senator J.T Useni had even caution them but they refused, and therefore we want peace and will do everything possible to ensure that the right thing is done

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