Plateau Indigene Emerges First Class Graduate Of Salem University

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Yakubu Busari


An indigene of Plateau state of Jos North Local Government Council has emerged as the base graduating graduands in Salem University Lokaja, Kogi state in 2019 .

The graduate Mr  Ajik Amos Inyam from Jos Jarawa District of Jos North LGA came top in his academic pursue ,

He disclosed this in an interaction with press men on how he achieved the feat ,according to him, Am Ajik Inyam Amos,From Jos Jarawa District of Jos North LGA, Afizere by Tribe

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I graduated with first class from department of Microbiology. Salem University is a faith base University and it is well known for morale and intellectual upbringing of our generational leaders its main target is to raise global leaders that is why in their core values,they teach total leadership training for the upcoming generation and has impacted on so many students especially on a spiritual aspect.

How did you come out with first class?


It was it was not easy actually, when I got admission, I told myself that I am a first class candidate and I worked hard toward it, though there were so many factors that tried to deter me from achieving the feat but the key things was God and focus. If you are determined in life, there is nothing you cannot achieve and the sky will be your starting point.


What are the changes you encountered?


It was not easy graduate with first class, you have to do away with so many excesses l restricted myself into five places iam always attend my lectures,Library, my room,  Cafeteria or in Chapel serving God.So those five key things helped me to realized my goal.


What Is Your Call TO Parents And The Younger Ones?


You cannot eat your cake and still have it.It is easier for you to dream it but to achieve,But to it,you need to walk extra miles. So many people always have their dreams to graduate with first class but a dream can’t actualised if it is not put in to practice, I want to encourage the young ones that is very possible  to succeed is a mindset, parents also have a role to play,they need to encourage their children and advise them.

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