Plateau Hospitals Management Board Introduces Dry Preservation Method To Rural Cottages Hospitals

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Yakubu Busari


The Chief Medical Director of Hospital Management Board, Plateau state, Dr. Dakwak Gamma Dajom has commended Governor Simon Lalong for quick intervention in revamping of secondary, cottage Hospitals across the 17 Local Government Areas of the state.


Speaking in an exclusive interview, Dajom while giving details of achievements in two years under the present government he stated that he has been working hand in hand with the government of the day and there was the prompt release of funds for completion of specialist Hospitals across the three senatorial districts of Plateau on Thursday in Jos.


He said; “I know my confirmation is about two years ago, but I met hospitals in bad shape with no ambulances the Governor immediately order for the purchase of five to be distributed to General hospitals in Langtang, Shendam, Barkin Ladi, Mangu.


We are still expecting more of the ambulances between now to a few months to be released for operations which will ginger the staff performance.


Dr. Dajom eulogized Lalong for his prompt release of staff promotion which many of them have collected their own promotion letters, “we renovated abandoned General Hospitals in Langtang South, Riyom, Barkin Ladi which will soon be commissioned and put to use.


According to him, two years ago there was no single oxygen or beds in most of the secondary cottage hospitals including the Plateau state specialist Hospital, “but we have equipped them with that and embarked on reconstruction of gates, rebuilding of damaged facilities to meet the need of the teeming patients yearning for health care delivery.


Adding further he said, the board still have enough oxygen inside the store for use but those in charge must come with concrete evidence that they are going to be used in any of the hospitals.


We took the statistics of staff and also distributed bedsheets, pillows, syringes, tables, and Hospitals equipment in the theatre for easy surgery and operation table to the general hospital in Dengi, Tungkus including sounds machine which they demanded.


We bought the machine to be used in Shendam, Pankshin, we also repaired generators and bought them new ones because most of those Hospitals don’t have electricity and they depend on the generator light.


Dr. Dajom explained further that the management approved the renovations of the following Hospitals in Dengi, Kwall, Angwari, Riyom and also dug boreholes by engaging a firm which sank boreholes to supply them with quality drinking water in the Hospitals.


Apart from reconstruction going on in Langtang, Mangu, Pankshin and Barkin Ladi, the government ordered for refurbishing equipment to make the Hospitals meet the need of the general public and the one in Bassa LGA is currently undergoing reconstruction,  yet we went ahead to renovate, building mortuaries in all the senatorial districts.

Dr. Dakwak Dajom disclosed the Hospitals management Board recently introduced the dry method of preservation of dead bodies in all the Hospitals across the rural cottage Hospitals and general hospitals in the state.


The Plateau HMB in partnership with NHIS advised that signboards, fencing, fire extinguishers to be provided to all the Hospitals across the state and to be placed on strategic location to help in case of fire outbreak and security of properties and to safeguard them.


He also maintained that refuge disposals equipment were bought for the Hospitals, he added that the renovation of the eight-man quarter which is ongoing will soon be handed over to the government, we repaired ray machines in Pankshin, Langtang and bought new ones.


The fencing of Hospitals was to secure the documents of our patients here at headquarters so that if there is an outbreak the documents will be safe, at the Dental center there was no water they complained bitterly, so we dug boreholes, he added.


The Plateau State Hospitals Management board was established in 1977 by then Plateau Health services Board and amended in 1989 where it becomes independent to employ nurses, Doctors in all the secondary special Hospitals and improve standard treatment of highest regularity practice.


He revealed that the major challenges of the Hospitals management board are under staff, they are running short of workers with only 1,000 but laud staff for their performance.

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