Plateau Branch Of PENCOM Enmeshed In High Corruption

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Yakubu Busari

There is no gainsaying the fact that the creation of PENCOM office by the former President Olusegun Obasanjo government has been and remain a great source of concern to many Nigerian, especially the retirees of Nigerian Police Force in the country.

A retired ASP Danjuma has raised alarm over high level of corruption in Plateau state branch of PENCOM by calling on federal government to intervene and arrest the culprit for defrauding several retirees in the state.

Danjuma complained that, he has been receiving text messages from the state branch begging him for different account apart from the one sent by government.

Nigerians are aware of the unhidden fact that the transfer of police pension to PENCOM was to bring succour to those retirees; however it had brought untold hardship to them.

Danjuma lamented that the  activities of fraudsters is  on the rise where a huge allocations from the Federal government budgets year after year ,even as nothing is seen as coming out of the huge “investment” pay of federal retirees .

He noted that his Retiree statement of Account (RSA) from apt pension, since 11 /10/ 2015 could not provide the last statement of his account balance of his pension contributions.

According to him ,he received a call on  December,2015  from a lady who is a staff of  Apt pension through their office with No ,094610742 asking him to forward  option form which she claim was  wrongly  ticked option C and at the end that he should change tick life retirement, which she  said is against their policy .

Danjuma stresses that he warned   ,”   that the office is not ready to work on the pension form to Pencom office unless he accept their tempt of request of which I reported to their office here in Jos and collected form and filled as demanded”.

He disclosed that the APT pension officer Mr Gideon Barry who is their Representative in Plateau state intimidated and plot to blackmail him.

Statement of accounts sent include;”Dear DANJUMA Your RSA Acct Bal as at 11/08/15 is N5,528,341.75 (Total Contribution 5,236,994.48 Profit 291,347.27) We value your patronage.Tel:080-975-330-13

“Dear DANJUMA Your RSA Acct Bal as at 11/09/15 is N5,554,904.63 (Total Contribution 5,246,254.46 Profit 308,650.17) We value your patronage. Tel:094-610-740″

Dear DANJUMA Your RSA Acct Bal as at 11/10/15 is N5,587,584.60 (TotalContribution 5,236,994.48 Profit 350,590.12) We value your patronage. Tel:094-610-740”

“On the 11th January, 2016 I received a call on landline, No 094610742 around 13:09PM, I spent two minutes fifty one seconds with a lady who asked  me to complete  figures sent earlier as he said there are mistake, so I should sent her back the one in my disposal which I suspected foul play in the exercise.

Within 9 minutes interval she made another call begging me to add the figure of which I couldn’t trust, owning to the fear of dirty deal within the representative in Jos and the headquarters in Abuja.

On the same day at about 17:12 PM she insisted for the exact figure from which I vow that any attempt to correct the figure of my entitlement which was sent from the federal government will result to court action ,he explained.

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