Photos: How Nigerians Dig Up Buried Frozen Chicken Seized From Smugglers By Customs

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12190125_10153633181279020_9033473434550558089_nWhat’s going on here?

According to a post on facebook, men of the Nigerian Customs confiscated trailer loads of frozen chicken, dug a very big hole and buried the contraband. Thereafter villagers descended on the spot where the contaminated chicken was buried and exhumed the contraband to either consume it or sell to unsuspecting members of the public.

11221336_10153633179779020_8659342784493955846_nIs this poverty or mental illness??? gathered this happened in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, the Nigeria oil city of oil places.

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According to Kelechi Deca, “its been in the news. NAFDAC claim the poultry was preserved with formalin but people are digging them up even after fuel was poured on it and set on fire.

12189040_10153633178209020_4698986921965821514_n“NAFDAC sent me an email oh the story even Nigeria Info FM interviewed some of the excavators”, Kelechi told

Upon further inquiries, Kennedy Friday confirmed this happened in Rivers State.

12189931_10153633178104020_4979052180981915770_nHe reported: “I was driving to Bori with my leader when I saw a community of people, after Refinery Junction, digging the ground and bringing up something into their bags. I had to stop and be sure. Lo and behold, Rivers people were digging up contaminated chicken that Customs people buried in the ground. It’s true!”






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