PDP/APGA Gives Damned Verdict of Governor Al-Makura 6 Years in Office

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Rabiu Omaku

  • Condemns “No Work No Pay”

The People’s Democratic Party in Nasarawa state has chastise the ruling All Progressives Congress for stagnating the civil servants in the state six years in office, stating that the state government has failed in its responsibility but not paying salaries as at when due.

Hon. Francis Orogu described workers’ wages as a right not a privileged accorded to the workforce, the chairman hinted this while reacting over the new policy of “No work No Pay” was invoked by governor, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura.

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Orogu blamed the APC for lack of payment of salaries as well failed to promote the workforce to give workers their annual increments for the past six years, the PDP also blamed the former labour leader in the state, Thomas Ogiri, the current Head of Service for supporting anti workers policies by destroying what he has built for years.

“The Head of Service should advised the state government wisely ,saying the state government should implement workers six years promotion, give them their annual increments to get workers back to work, adding that by so doing will restore and ensure industrial harmony.

Asking government to make workers welfare a priority over inconsequential projects, Francis Orogu called on government not to make projects of less human impact a priority at the expenses of the stagnant workers.

“No contract will be on site if they are paid on percentage or are not paid at all”.

He blamed the state governor for mortgaging the civil service for the detriment of many that are leaving in Squalor and poverty, saying those in government is busy buying properties at choice location while the masses are exposed to hunger.

“The inability to pay salary, annual increments and promotion is a sign of lack of capacity to run the state effectively”.

In a swift reaction over the recent directive by the Head of Service that all participating workers on the ongoing strike would not be paid their salaries as the HOS said the decision was in line with labour law which states that any worker who participates in the strike is not entitled to wages or remuneration.

The state chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, Musa Saidu has condemned the “No work No Pay” of the ruling party in the state, the chairman described the position of the state government as cruelty, intimidation as well as a means to incapacitate workers.

“Has the government pay workers all the months they have laboured before talking about the current period ?,the opposition challenged the governor to be sensitive as well use diplomacy to meet up to the demands of the people.

He challenged the state government to make salary payment and other entitlements of workers its topmost priority.

According to APGA chairman,” Workers are on contract with government hence there is the need for government to pay workers all their entitlement including regular promotion to rescue carrier progression.

Musa lashes the state government for not paying regularly as the brain behind the ongoing lacuna that lead to a total closure of public organizations been the engine room of government businesses.

“Was it the same labour law that stops the governments from paying salary promptly, promote the civil servants for six years without annual increments to workers”.

Calling on the state government to rescind it decision on “No work No Pay”, advising the state government to do the needful by meeting to the demands of organized labour

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