PDP Primaries: I Ready To Bring Change To My Constituent- Mwangsat By Yakubu Busari,Jos

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The Former Speaker Plateau State House Assembly Honourable Istifanus Mwangsat (Pankshin North,  Constituency), has assured the people of his constituent of more dividends of democracy if elected in 2015 general elections.

Hon Mwangsat was elected in the just concluded state assembly seat election under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party
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The member who return back to state legislature expressed confidence and willingness to improve on his performance because of the one vote difference ,”very, well in this contest ,you know you’re dealing with human being not machine,if it is a machine you will just press and turn it to a particular level ,of course that is the dynamism of human being to everything happened”.
The party constitution recognized that you can win by simply majority one vote.
However, “I  assured that they are into fresh deal with me and I have learnt thing differently of cost the fact that I won by one vote that tell me that a lot need to be done so iam committed in putting in my best “.

According to him, the election is petitioned by somebody that a particular ward is not support to participate in the election but of cost the appeal penal is looking at it.

Mwangsat maintained that the party guideline and constitution of the party  is there so any aggrieve member is free to complaint and the  penal has a time limit and if a particular ward had a problem let them wait for the outcome.
 Since the national delegates of the party completed their assignment where no one  complained ,I think is ok at a point of voting we split delegates nobody complained but then now  they all completed their screening and casted their votes no single complain suddenly somebody realize that some ward shouldn’t participate .

He expressed confidence on the integrity of the committee and PDP that they can do justice to the members .

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