PDP Is Very Prepared For The Local Government Election—Plateau PDP Deputy Chairman

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The Plateau State Deputy Chairman of People Democratic Party (PDP), Hon Amos Gombi has expressed displeasure over the alleged impunity and imposition of candidates in the State PDP ahead of the Council election coming up in the State.

In an interview with this medium, he described his detractors as the enemies of democracy; he also distanced himself any group connecting him with the plot to impose candidates.

He said as a strong opposition in the state he won’t do anything to tarnish his reputation.


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How can you describe your relationship with the people of Kanke local government and your lawmaker representing you at the national assembly?

We voted for him, we took him there. By the Grace of God, l am very proud to say that l contributed immensely for him to be there at the national assembly. So in terms of cordial relationship, yes we talk always. Just three days ago, l called him on phone and we spoke.

How prepared is PDP ahead of the scheduled local government election coming up in Plateau state?

Very, very prepared. I even told the PLASIEC that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is very prepare for the election.

PDP is very prepared for the local government election in the state. We are beating the deadline which is 27th October 2017 which is supposed to be the last day for the submission of the names of our candidates to PLASIEC.

If by peradventure the APC as a party decides that they are not ready for the election, what will be your action?

That goes to tell you that PLASIEC is not independent as they claim anymore. For one party to come up with the excuse that they are not ready when the timetable for the election is already out, one party decision can’t stop the process of the election. That got to shows or questions the integrity of PLASIEC who are saddled with the responsibility of regulating electoral process in the state. That means they are partisan. We the PDP, are ready for the poll come February 2018, in fact, we are moving according to the electoral timetable released by PLASIEC.

What is your general view of the opposition in Plateau state?

We have very strong opposition parties. My party is the strongest opposition in Nigeria .l am happy about it, you can see very well how busy my office is since the release of the electoral timetable by PLASIEC.

The PDP office has been very, very busy since the electoral timetable was released by PLASIEC, nothing is happening at the APC office which is the ruling party, very unfortunate, we are waiting for them at the poll. As for the election, we are very much prepared. Let me give you one example, ln Langtang South LGA alone, there are seven aspirants contesting the election in a Ward. They have all paid their money for the purchase of the forms. In most of the Wards, PDP had filled in the positions. But in APC, they are looking for whom to fill the positions.

In my Ward, you have one that is for a long time, nobody can say l want to contest with that one again, that tells the level of disorganizing the party APC is.

There are speculations of decampees in Wase and Langtang South LG, how true is that?

You call it speculation? We mandated the chairman of Langtang zone to receive them, which he did.

I am telling you, l did the first one, which l received over Four Thousand decamped members from APC to PDP that is three to four weeks ago. And they did that of Saturday which over Five Thousand of APC again decamped to PDP were received including the Ward chairman of APC. I must tell you that l have details of what is happening in my party PDP from the whole local government.

I represent the party, l have received over Two Thousand decamped from the APC two Saturdays ago.

We’ll continue to do more and receive decampees from APC to PDP.

It may interest you to know that Jimmy Cheto came here am the chairman organizing committee to receive him back to the fold of the PDP party. He is coming with more members.

Not even Lantange South only, we are doing it, we’ll continue to do it. By the Grace of God, we are waiting for them in 2019.

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