Parents Of 4 Year-Old Raped Minor In Jos Raises Alarm Of An Alleged Attempt By The Rapist’s Family To Bribe The Police And Victim’s Grandfather To Kill The Matter

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Yakubu Busari

Parents of a 4 year Old minor, Mafeng John who was raped to coma by one Steven Peter of Dakyen ,Kushe in Kuru district of Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau state on the 20th February, 2017 and who also sustained internal injuries owing to the rape has raised alarm of an attempt by the rapist to allegedly bribe the Police and the little boy’s Grandfather so that case will die a natural death.

The family of the little Mafeng John alleged that the grant father who reported the rape case to the Police is now plotting to hide the truth because they culprit’s family promised him gratification so as to kill the matter.

“We notice some change in the old man’s behavior because when police offered to sit with us the parents at the headquarters, he refused to disclosed date and time of the meeting point and he has been playing hide and seek game and also plotting with the Steven’s family on how to release Steven Peter on bail without consulting we the parents of the victim.

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The mother of the girl said; “I went to farm in the morning and left them at home playing but when we were returning in the afternoon my daughter ran to meet me alongside with my friend and she said mummy see blood stained inside my private part, then I observed strange thing and I quickly asked her who did this to her and she said is Steven Peter who invited her to his room and he started touching her private part.”

“Mummy, I cried in pain but Steven bought me bread and chin-chin and told me not to tell anybody or my mum, she said.

The 56 year old father, Chuhwak Pam Gyang stated that the incident occurred on the Monday 20th February, 2017 when the Grandfather invited to brief him at his residence, he said what happened on Monday is that; “my daughter was reported to Kushe police outpost in trade center and they were referred to Kaduna Vom Divisional Headquarters for interrogation on Tuesday that a boy raped her and that boy was detained and later transfer to the CID, the Police Command headquarters on Thursday.

The grandfather who is the ward head Chief Christopher Pam Gyang disclosed further that the Grand daughter was raped and that she was lured with Bread and Chin-Chin by Mr. Steven Peter who earlier denied having canal knowledge of the minor.

“When we got to Kaduna/Vom Police station they took our statement, the ward head, Baba Christopher Pam Gyang told the parents of Steven Peter that if he has admitted committing the crime earlier this matter would have been settled at home amicably, he said.”

This was when he had already admitted to the police in Vom of how he lured the little Mafeng John and had canal knowledge of her.

The medical reports at the Madala clinic revealed internal bruises which the girl still complain of abdominal pain which was later confirmed to us by the correspondent that little Mafeng John has not had any medical attention since she was raped.

After the medical result was released, then the boy made a confessional statements’ of admitting the offense.

Our correspondent spoke to the Police IPO and she confirmed the incident but said the matter has been transferred to the legal department for further action which she said she cannot make more any statement on that.

According to her, she said; “I am aware that yesterday we held series of meeting with the parents but unfortunately now this is taking a new dimension,” she said.

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