Pandemonium In Nasarawa Polytechnic As Two Unqualified Staff Flex Muscles Over The Registrar Position

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Rabiu Omaku

Pandemonium has surfaced in State Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia over the vacant seat of the Registrar of the institution, a position that remained vacant after five days of the sacking of top the management staff of the institution.

Five days after the sacking of Rector, Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia, the Registrar, Labani Joseph Dio and the Bursar, a fresh crisis erupted over who will emerge the next Registrar of the institution.

The Polytechnic now has two registrars, it was revealed that the outgoing Registrar, Labani Joseph Dio handover to Habu Danladi as required in the directive of the state government.

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It was also gathered that the Acting Rector, Ali Gabu to add salt and pepper to the unhealed wound appointed Ibrahim Usman who is stranded as he is now Registrar with portfolio but without office bringing to two the number of Registrars.

But further investigation has shown that all the two persons occupying the controversial office are not the suitable candidate if going by the report of the visitation panel of the Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia dated 21st March 2013.

The visitation panel was headed by Dr. Silas Gyar as the Chairman.

In chapter 2, item 2.6, page 34 with a heading

It would be recalled that Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia came into existence by law in  2000. Academic activities commenced fully in 2002. As an institution determined to fulfill its mandate, it has been adopting administrative structures to conform to standards as practiced in similar older tertiary institutions as guided by the regulating body, National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

The Polytechnic system and indeed all tertiary institutions in the country have established Public Relations Office in the office of the Chief Executive (Rector) as is the case in Universities in the office of the Vice-Chancellor where a Senior Staff in the Registry with relevant experience is either appointed or posted to handle Public Relations and PROTOCOL matters.


Mukhtar Wakeel was employed by Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia as Lecturer III  in January 2001 teaching Mass Communication at the then College of General Studies.

In 2002, the Governing Council saw the need to have a Public Relations Officer for the Polytechnic to handle Information, Public Relations, Protocol and corporate image of the institution.  He was then appointed to the job and posted to Registry as it has been the practice. He got a confirmation of his appointment while he was in the Registry.

In November 2002, he wrote a letter of complaint to the Governing Council for proper placement and ranking as is the practice in similar tertiary institutions.

In response to that, he was placed in the rank of Assistant Registrar on HATISS 9/2 on 20th May 2003.

He earned his promotion from Assistant Registrar to Senior Assistant Registrar on HATISS 11 in  2006.

On 2nd February  2009, on the recommendation of an Adhoc Committee on a review of salary step placement, Management approved the adjustment of his step placement from Senior Assistant Registrar on CONTISS 11/4 to CONTISS 11/6 with effect from January 2009.The funniest thing was that up to this moment,  he has never been converted to that so-called PRO cadre which is not even in the GREEN BOOK.

Since this act was crude and fraudulent,  it was never presented to the Governing Council since it was Council that properly placed the PRO in the Registry as is the practice in tertiary institutions especially polytechnics and Universities. For example,  the PRO of the Nasarawa State University, Keffi,  Jameel Zakari who until his appointment as Commissioner of Agriculture,  was Deputy Registrar when the Management headed by Prof. Shamsudeen Amali was sent on compulsory leave.

An easy – going and peace – loving Mukhtar Wakeel consistently complaint to successive Management since 22nd November  2012 for the restoration of his rank that was mischievously hijacked from the Registry without any reasonable and probable cause to no avail.

When His Excellency,  Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura of Nasarawa State inaugurated Visitation panels for the tertiary institutions on 10th January, 2013, the panel for Nasarawa State Polytechnic with Dr.  Silas Gyar  who was later on appointed by the  Governor as Rector of the Polytechnic,  to implement all the recommendations of the Panel,  requested for Memorandum from the Polytechnic Community in order to carry – out its assignment successfully.

Armed with his relevant documents to support his claims,  Mukhtar Wakeel submitted his Memorandum to the Visitation Panel dated 4th February  2013 titled ‘MEMORANDUM /COMPLAINT AGAINST IMPROPER PLACEMENT OF CADRE AND REQUEST FOR INTERVENTION’

His Memo was centered on item 2(1)of the term of reference ” to examine and appraise the general administration of the Institution in terms of the role of the Governing Council,  the Management, and the Academic Board.

All those who submitted their memos had an option to present and defend their memo in camera or in Public. Considering the sensitivity and weight of his memo, Mukhtar Wakeel requested to present and defend his memo in Public in the midst of the Press invited by the panel to cover the public hearing.

Mukhtar Wakeel was given ample opportunity to present his matter, which he did with vigour and supported his case

with relevant documents and was subjected to rigorous questions and answers.

Further information from a copy of GOVERNMENT OF NASARAWA STATE


Volume 1


MARCH, 2013

Unveiled that the Governing Council deemed it wise that he be made the PRO, He was, therefore deployed to the Registry, In the light of the development he drew management attention to the need to merge his service given that he had cognate experience in administration

The Council on the recommendation of management granted this request and he was properly placed. He earned promotions as Senior Assistant Registrar and Principal Assistant Registrar respectively.

See page 34 item 2.6, i and ii.

While on page 57 of the Visitation panel report, item 3.1.14


Panel considered the plea for appropriate placement as Deputy Registrar made by MUKHTAR SULEIMAN WAKEEL the Polytechnic’s Chief Public Relations Officer and noted as follows

1.That the officer was deployed to the Registry Department to serve as the Polytechnic Public Relations Officer consequent upon the decision of Council.

  1. Wakeel operated on that capacity up to the point he became Senior Assistant Registrar (Public Relations).

IV.However, shortly after the issuance of his promotion letter to the rank of Principal Assistant Registrar, there was a new twist as management issued him a fresh letter of promotion in the cadre of Assistant Chief PRO.

  1. The officer complained via a written letter but management was adamant as his subsequent promotion still maintained the “new” cadre of Chief Public Relations Officer.

Vi. The panel notes that the two last promotions were done without recourse to Council and in the absence of Council.

Vii. There is no record to show that his cadre was changed from Registry to the unknown and un-established Public Relations cadre. Panel holds the view that the officer’s complaints is substantial and his prayers should be entertained



The panel, therefore, recommends that MUKHTAR WAKEEL should enjoy his appropriate placed as the Deputy Registry since the Polytechnic staff scheme of service does not have an established office for PRO.

The document was signed by

Dr. Silas Gyar, Nasarawa State University, Keffi

Dr. Moses D. Ogah

Nasarawa State University, Keffi


Bar. Zaidu Abdullahi Idde

Zaidu Abdullahi $ Co

Suite C14 Melita Plaza

Girls, Area. Ii

Engr. Abubakar Danjuma Ango

National Power Training Institute of Nigeria

Hajiya Saadatu H. Agade

Former Permanent Secretary


Dr. Musa Obie Fodio

University of Abuja


Dr. Suleiman A. S Aruwa

Nasarawa State University, Keffi


Dr. Francis. A. Akawu

Department, Economic

Nasarawa State University, Keffi


Mr. Kwakipi Egga

Representing ASUP


Mal. Muhammad Sani Bala

Director, Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs


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