Palliatives: Mischief/Blackmail By Jonathan Yakubu Madaki Targeted At Gov Lalong Officials-Manjang

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Yakubu Busari

The Honourable Commissioner, Information and Communication, Plateau State,Mr Dan Manjang has disclosed the list of perpetrators of palliatives sponsored who are targeting Governor Simon Lalong officials with cheap mischief and blackmailing to gain popularity and sympathy of plateau youths.


He made this disclosure in a press statement issued to our medium in Jos.


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He said it has come to the knowledge of the Plateau State Government about the news making the rounds in the social media particularly Facebook and posted on the site of Movement for the Protection of Plateau Heritage (MOPPLAH) by one Jonathan Yakubu Madaki that palliatives are being hoarded by the Honorable Commissioner of Information and Communication, Secretary to the Government of the State and at the Speaker of the State House of Assembly at his house in Lamingo, urging looters and vandals to move there.


The post by the said Jonathan Yakubu Madaki written on 26th October 2020 stated thus: “Next palliatives to check is at Commissioner of Information house, SGS, and Speaker house at Lamingo. Please move there now.”


In as much as Government does not want to hold brief for the persons so mentioned by Jonathan Yakubu Madaki, it has become imperative to warn that Mr. Madaki should prepare to prove his allegations and be ready to bear the consequences of his mischief and mobilization of looting should investigation prove to the contrary.


Furthermore, the public is hereby warned to desist from spreading falsehood with the aim of causing harm to one another.


Government hereby also advises the administrators of Social Media platforms and groups to screen and verify whatever their members post on their sites to avoid being caught in the web of collateral damage in an event that such posts turn out to be false and lead to undesirable consequences.


Therefore, Jonathan Yakubu Madaki is hereby warned that he should be ready to bear the consequences of his post as security agencies are already investigating his claim and following up on his mobilization of looters to attack the homes of these government officials. he should also take into cognizance that he will be personally held liable for anything that happens to the former Rt. Hon. Speaker, Secretary to the State government, and the hon, commissioner for information and communication and their families.


The public is hereby advised not to take the laws into their hand by invading the premises of the personalities so mentioned as their houses are neither warehouses nor storage houses. however, they are free to use any civilized and legitimate means of investigating the claim instead of taking the laws into their hands.

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