Over 170 Million Nigerians To Benefit From Neurotrauma Training Geared At Reducing Medical Tourism

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Yakubu Busari

The president Nigerian Academy of Neurological Surgeon (NANS) Prof. Adefolarin Malomo has urged Nigerian government to give priority attention to universal primary health insurance which is global practices without its nothing will uplift health care delivery in Africa.

He said, Nigerian Academy of Neurological surgeon are more organized and focused on how to provide hope of  170 million citizens to reduce medical tourism abroad.

Prof.Malomo gave this assurance during the 7th annual scientific conference general meeting of the Nigerian Academy of Neurological surgeons “tin City 2016” with theme “neurotrauma, congenial CNS malformations at Novel suite, Rayfield, Jos south LGA.

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“We are labouring through training, research and various services complaining that the Academy is our rich and strong forum for tapping into resources at home and abroad, national and international and transnational resources”, he noted.

He expressed concern with how deplorable health sector are being neglected by Nigeria government leaving the constituency to suffer countless number of our neighbors near and far for health harassment.

He raised alarm that neurological diseases can be avoidable deaths and suffering that they bring, no one can relieve us this duty, we must become Nigeria strong arm in contributing to the efforts against Neurological challenges faced by all humanity.

He further explained that this year meeting is so very promising and they look forward to rich scientific and other session, including all sceneries and hospitalities for which Jos is famous.

Malomo maintained that congenital malformations army will provide hope to over 170 million strong Nigerians to their immediate constituency in tackling health care delivery.

He appealed to federal and states governors to take serious the prevalence misery of our disproportionate volume of neurological plight.

The Chairman Local organizing Committee Dr O.P Binite in his welcome address said ,potatoes ,cabbages ,lettuce, beetroots ,carrots, cauliflower ,broccoli ,asparagus, peas ,green pepper, red pepper, yellow pepper, green beans ,strawberries, raspberries ,apples grapes ,water melon ,sweet melon, avocado ,pears, spinach ,are some of the exotic vegetables and fruits grown and already available in Jos.

He appealed to state government to advantage of the existing fruit in boosting the lives of common man.

Dr Binite reiterated that trauma is the leading causes of disability and mortality in children axis trauma comprises TBIs and TSCIs.

According to him, is the accounting for a third due to the proliferation of arms and an increasing incidence of ethno-religious crisis especially in developing countries of Africa?

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