Our Target At Unique Shis Is To Employ 60 Staff In The Next Five Years, Says The Production Manager Of Unique Shis Company

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Hajiya Amina Mohammed Ogoshi Onawo,the wife of the  immediate past member House of Representatives Representing Awe/Doma/Keana in an exclusive interview with universalreportersng.com speaks on why she exhibit the knowledge she acquire to turn around some of the daunting challenges faced by users of cosmetics ranking from soap ,hair and body care, scrub and amongst others.

Hajiya Amina Ogoshi Onawo is a graduate of chemistry from the University of Jos, in an interview with our report in Gwarinpa; Abuja gave reasons why she ventured into production of body creams, body oils amongst other products. She averred that she want to put into use what she learned in the four walls of the classroom, she added that her products are free from chemicals that are harmful to the body system.

Hajiya it would interest people outside there to know you?

I’m Amina Mohammed Ogoshi Onawo a graduate of chemistry from the University of Jos.

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What informed you to venture into the production of body and hair care as well body oils?

As a graduate of chemistry I feel good to bring into bear the knowledge I acquired from school especially in the area of body care, hair care and body oil, most of the above products we bought costly are not in conformity with some body system, what I do in Unique Shis Company I used vitamin E in the production of soap , Vitamin E is a body controller which I used in making paste, bar and shower gel.my body cream which was purely organic and natural ingredients rejuvenate the skin while my body scrub exfoliate and balance the skin.

It might interest you  to know that vitamin E enriches the body P.H while my cream revitalize body texture while my hair care and cream prevent hair lost, fight dandruff and hair scalp. My body scrub and other products I will repeat again are free from chemicals like mercury, steroids which are good in creating knuckles and dark spots.

Again my soaps are categorized into hard bar soap and paste that is exclusively black soap (shower gel) most of my cream and body oil help suit the skin and reduce skin related diseases.

Going by the name of your company Unique, what differentiate between your products and others?

Our products are more of organic and natural ingredients which smoothen the skin, it serve as a therapy, I was foist to go back to the olden days ways of using black soap made up of ashes, kennel oil and water.as a production manager what I do is incorporating local black soap with additive.

Were your products certified by the regulatory body, the National Agency On Food, Drug Administration And Control (NAFDAC)?

This a good question, all my products passes through the regulatory bodies like NAFDAC and SHESCO, the primary responsibility of SHESCO as a body is to analyze your products and where if there is any adjustment, they will do it, especially if your products have high quantity of P.H, SHESCO would normalize it, SHESCO just like NAFDAC are doing almost the same assignment.

What is your market strategy?

Thank you, the market strategy of Unique Shis is the current super highway like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp whereby we display our products while we go through comments whether negative or positive with the sole aim of making amendment.

What do we expect from your coy in the next five years in times of expansion?

As the production manager I have high expectations that in the next five years we will employ not less than 60 staff, our dream is to make Unique a reference point.

How do you source your raw materials?

Unique Shis source for raw materials like death sea salt as far as Egypt, Dubai and you know all this are capital intensive.

What is your message to womenfolk in general?

My message to womenfolk is for women to be focused and to learn to be self-reliant at all times, I mean engaging in menial work and avoid been complete house wife.

Over relying on your husband for day to day running is a great peril, I urged women to wake up from their slumber by been self-reliant because over reliance on your husband is not should not be encouraged.

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